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Archon>Battle Chess>Chess. Two equal but slightly different teams pitted on the battlefield in a notably chesslike fashion, except of course for the fights to the death, a cyclical advantage/disadvantage in the field itself, and magic of several kinds from the two king-types. Battle, strategy, and a silly glitch all in a shorter-than-a-minute-thirty movie? Hey sounds like a good TAS to me. -Plays back on FCEUX 2.1.5 -Originally recorded on FCEU 98.16 -UD/LR on -Aims for fastest time -Manipulates computer movements -Appears to take damage once but never does -All outta bubble gum
To win a game of Archon, you have to either defeat every one of your opposing team's pieces in combat or hold all five Magic Squares at one time, the latter of which is chosen for this movie. The two strongest pieces, Wizard and Sorceress, start off holding one Square each and pretty much have to be defeated if those Magic Squares are to be taken. Each piece type is different, from Goblins and Knights being melee only fighters to Banshees and the Phoenix who only damage the area around them to the Shapeshifter who assumes the form of his opponent for each fight etc. etc. The Wizard and Sorceress have an array of spells at their disposal, including Teleport, Summon Elemental, Imprison, Heal, and others, none of which are seen here due to being too slow and unhelpful for a TAS.
The glitch is purely graphical; pressing up+down at the same time on the chessboard screen causes the visible cursor/piece to move down, but the actual location stays straight, so it just looks funky and doesn't affect gameplay at all.
For strategy, I chose dark->light moves first. If I choose to move first whether light or dark, the computer will always attack while I'm setting up my pieces. Waste of time. If I choose light->dark moves first and use a similar strategy, I come out behind. The Djinni's shot may recharge faster than the Dragon's, but it is weaker enough that having to hit the opponent that extra one or two times becomes slower.
I changed my movements from the WIP I posted in the NES forum. I saved a lot of time by manipulating the enemy movements; having the lowest Knight and the Djinni move saved a good number of frames over Valkyrie and inconveniently placed Knight. This caused two problems, though: The in-fight field changed to include shot-blockers in unhelpful places (I believe that the board layout does affect the in-fight field and not randomness) and the CPU instead chose a Unicorn-vs-Dragon battle instead of the ironic, iconic Knight-vs-Dragon battle. As a result of the misplaced tombstones, I lost a dozen frames in the Wizard fight and two in the Unicorn fight, but that's okay because in my WIP I was two-frames unoptimized in the Knight fight anyway, har har. The end movie is 44 frames faster than my WIP. Huzzah!
As a final note, part of me is aware that with the glitching causing quick confusion it might be preferred that a non-graphical-glitch movie miiight be preferred. Wouldn't be hard simply hex-edit wham boom bam so it's an idea that I can fulfill if preferred. Never know. I like the wacky addition but I'm a sucker for glitches.

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Here goes! Feel free to clean up the list.

Truncated: To me, this movie does not look impressive, at all. Five moves, and two fights, all of it looks very simple. I'm sure the luck manipulation was very tricky, but it doesn't show in this movie. I will reject it.

adelikat: Accepting for publication to the Vault. (While this is board game-like, it differs significantly enough from this genre)

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #1677: Twisted Eye's NES Archon in 01:15.39
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Pros: Unicorn dieing. "The Dark Side Wins". Abusing the crap out of a game. Con: I had no idea what was going on until I read the submission text. At first I thought the computer was pounding the tar out of you since you "must" be white. Good thing it was so short that I could watch it a couple of times :)
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On the cusp of Yes and Meh, but you win this round. It's too bad that the manipulation can't really be appreciated as much as it should be.
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I like 1 minute runs like this - even though it was really tough to figure out what's going on :p Voted yes.
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Being familiar with this game, it was easy for me to enjoy seeing the bare minimum required to win, so I'll vote yes.
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I am glad that I am not the only one who looks at the screen with confusion on what the hell is going on.
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The submission text definitely helped me understand the movie, although I forgot at first which side you were playing.
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Woooh go dark side!
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Quite amusing. Definitely better than "normal" chess game TASes. Yes vote.
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Wow! Nicely done. Amazingly short. I've played this game (on various platforms), and I never fully understood it. Symbolic yes. EDIT: BTW, this plays fine in 0.98.12.
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I think this is an extremely well made TAS, on the otherhand it is not very entertaining. Even though I've never played this game, I can tell that the strategy used in this is probably flawless. Exceptional planning was done for this game, but as said before the game does not lend itself for viewer entertainment. Voting Meh as a balance between the exceptional planning and the lack of entertainment.
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According to the Vault rules, this is not eligible for the vault, because it is a human vs single CPU in a board game. However, there are fight scenes, so it isn't entirely such.
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I'm a fan of Archon and this is a pretty good strategy so I'll give this a mild yes vote. I kinda prefer the C64 version of the game, though. The NES version kinda looks and sounds ugly.
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Heisanevilgenius wrote:
I'm a fan of Archon and this is a pretty good strategy so I'll give this a mild yes vote. I kinda prefer the C64 version of the game, though. The NES version kinda looks and sounds ugly.
I concur.
Post subject: Movie published
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This movie has been published. The posts before this message apply to the submission, and posts after this message apply to the published movie. ---- [2124] NES Archon: The Light and the Dark by Twisted Eye in 01:15.39
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I do have to admit to being curious why the manticore isn't moved onto the top power point before the dragon kills the wizard instead of afterwards. Presumably that results in an extra non-dragon fight (thus negating the gains of avoiding the dragon-unicorn fight), but it's not discussed in the writeup.
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