This page sets out the duties of the various user roles on the site. Users can hold multiple roles. If you are interested in seeing who hold these roles currently, consult the Staff page; for specific site permissions, consult Permissions.


The site administrators are responsible for the overall maintenance of the site. They are responsible for ensuring the continued operation of the server and the software - including the site itself, the IRCChannel and its bot.
Administrators also have administrative access to the forums.

Senior staff

The senior staff roles are trusted users responsible for the operation of specific divisions of the site. They hold some administrative responsibilities and are responsible for the oversight of other staff members and contributors.
The senior staff collectively follow the AdminGuidelines.
These roles are typically not on an "ask" basis. They are picked on a need basis from existing staff members who have been helping TASVideos in a positive way for a long time.
Senior staff must be


The senior role is always assigned in conjunction with the judge role, the publisher role, or the ambassador role and effectively grants them oversight over judges, publishers, or ambassadors as appropriate. They are generally appointed from the ranks of experienced judges/publishers/ambassadors, and themselves have the authority to assign these roles to other users (assuming they have the privilege themselves).
In the case of conflicts between the audience, judges, or publishers, or of conflicting judge opinions, the senior judges/publishers have the final say.

Admin assistant

Admin assistants are responsible for most other aspects of the site that do not relate to the submission and publication process; they maintain the wiki, previous publications, and (in some cases) other aspects of the site database. They are entrusted with the ability to appoint new editors and are responsible for their oversight.
Candidates for admin assistants are experienced wiki editors, and have a broad knowledge of the site and its structure as a whole. Experience in SQL and database management (and possibly phpMyAdmin) is also desirable.


The site staff are on the forefront of the movie submission and publication process; they collectively handle a submission from when it first appears in the queue to when it appears on the front page.


Judges are members of the site experienced with the process of creating tool-assisted speedruns that have been entrusted with the responsibility of approving or rejecting movies that have been submitted. Judges are the people who decide which movie content ends up being present on the site.
Judges follow the JudgeGuidelines.
Judges need:


Once a run has been accepted, publishers are responsible for assembling the materials necessary for the run to be widely accessible. In particular, they are responsible for approval of the high-quality video files that accompany any new publication; they also select screenshots and write movie descriptions for new movies.
Publishers follow the PublisherGuidelines, and are responsible for ensuring that videos conform to the EncoderGuidelines.
To be appointed a publisher, a user must have
In essence, a publisher must not only be able to make quality encodes but also put together a quality publication, including a nice screenshot, movie description, and streaming media uploads. The goal here is quality over quantity - the image of TASVideos should be that a new publication is of a certain standard and is presented and promoted well.


Moderators are responsible for keeping up moderation on the forums and live chats - keeping order, settling disputes between users, making sure that the site rules are upheld, and penalizing users that are disruptive or otherwise fail to adhere to the rules. They also have elevated wiki access and can delete pages.


An editor is any site member that has expressed an interest in maintaining the site text; they have the ability to edit the site content.
Editors follow the EditorGuidelines.


The encoder role denotes one who has permission to add their own encodes to current and obsolete publications. They are capable of adhering to the EncoderGuidelines without oversight.
To be assigned the encoder role, an encoder must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the site staff (usually the senior publisher) that they are capable of consistently producing encodes that meet the encoding standards (around 3-4 to begin with is usually sufficient). Should an encoder subsequently demonstrate that they can no longer consistently adhere to the guidelines, an admin (again, usually the senior publisher) will remove the role until such a time as they can follow the standards.

See also

[1] In particular, your encode should be the first published primary encode for that movie.
[2] Please only upload an encode to after the run's accepted; if you're encoding a run before it's accepted, use mediafire or some other temporary file host in the meantime.

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