This page lists movies that have been submitted for review.
Some of them will eventually end up on the Movies page, while some of them will not make it.
Submitted movies can be published by certain people.

SystemGameBranchTimeByDate Status
NES Mission: Impossible 24:11.96 Alyosha 12/12/2014 Cancelled
NES Super Pitfall 04:54.86 Arc, Kyman & Alyosha 7/3/2015 Cancelled
NES Super Pitfall 06:10.51 Arc, Kyman & Alyosha 7/5/2015 Cancelled
NES Cybernoid: The Fighting Machine 04:35.78 Randil & Alyosha 1/18/2016 Cancelled
A2600 Donkey Kong 00:36.46 Alyosha 5/11/2017 Cancelled
SMS King's Quest: Quest for the Crown 03:06.12 BZero & Alyosha 12/15/2017 Cancelled
SMS George Foreman's KO Boxing 05:00.66 Alyosha 12/18/2017 Cancelled
GB Battletoads 09:04.34 Cardboard & Alyosha 1/13/2020 Cancelled
GB Pokémon: Red Version save glitch 01:16.06 MrWint & Alyosha 6/8/2020 Cancelled
GBC Super Mario Bros. Deluxe warps 04:59.06 negative_seven & Alyosha 11/28/2020 Cancelled
GBC Bugs Bunny: Crazy Castle 3 1:33:11.33 Alyosha & Brandon 12/29/2022 Cancelled