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#63941115094647713 - Rockman 2 any% optimizations


Uploaded 6/10/2020 2:08 PM by Shinryuu (1 files)

For Nintendo Entertainment System

In 15:46.10 (56860 frames), 80119 rerecords

5077 views, 179 downloads

I started to work on this shortly after (or rather months later) after the publication of our movie. warmCabin kept poking me about Airman if I could find more optimal way to handle lag and frame counter shift. I worked on this for a long time and I made different movies and setups. I continued when I got 7 frames off the stage but I faced extremely bad Item1 values shortly after that and I've been tinkering with them since then. I've been working on this mostly alone but I let both warmCabin and Maru to add a bit of entertainment value into the business. Changes from them can be seen at Flashman and Heatman stages. You can also follow my subtitles that I wrote (I'll fix them up later). I tried to keep lines as one-liners to avoid garbage on the screen.
  • F = 0 frames (Stylistic changes).
  • H = 1 frames (New item3 zip gave me enough time to eliminate 1 frame of lag during the zip).
  • A = 7 frames ($1C shift with correct lag optimization. This was pretty tight).
  • C = 163 frames (New strategy, Item2 DelayDownScroll. $1C shift optimization).
  • Q = 16 frames ($1C beaten. Different route, thanks to both warmCabin (~5 frames) and RTA speedrunner fastatcc (1/8 of a pixel savings). More Item1 optimization and luck involved).
  • M = 16 frames ($1C beaten. New gate zip method with a lot of Item1 optimization).
  • B = 40 frames (New Item1 buff/fart tech saved me couple of frames and I was able to enter final area just in time to make DelayDownScroll 40 frames faster).
  • W = 7 frames (More lag, more $1C shift. Worked quite well in the end).
  • W1 = Movie ends here at the moment. On my tests I saved 2*16 rules + 8 rule ($1C must point to a multiple of 16 when Mecha Dragon dies. It's off by at least 8 frames so I need to gain those frames somewhere else or lose them like at Bubble or Wood to make this route to work).
These are calculated from my test movie which beats the whole game 72 frames faster. I need $1C to be aligned correctly to achieve this.
  • W2 = 0 frames (Small stylistic changes. Refill rules almost got me there).
  • W3 = 48 frames (Extra 2xItem1s to break 16*3 frame rules with correctly aligned $1C).
  • W4 = 5 frames (New Item3 methods and route. I also saved extra Item1 to be used on W3).
  • W5 = 1 frames (Annoying lag frame is now eliminated at Wily Machine fight with having a good Item1 manipulation).
  • W6 = -21 frames (Item1 got used at W3 this time).

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