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#637838987827862295 - GBA LEGO Bionicle Lua Script

LEGO Bionicle (USA) (En,Fr).lua
Game: Lego Bionicle (GBA)
26 views, 30 downloads
Uploaded 3/26/2022 1:39 PM by TASeditor (2 files)
TAStudio coloring, map generator and drawing it on canvas. Works on Bizhawk 2.3.2

#637838986040538042 - GBA LEGO Bionicle -60f

memory2-legobionicle.bk2 (1).bk2
In 07:06.53 (25476 frames), 64129 rerecords
Game: Lego Bionicle (GBA)
99 views, 36 downloads
Uploaded 3/26/2022 1:36 PM by TASeditor (2 files)
-60f from published run after pushing the 2nd boulder onto the switch. Nothing else changed. May not be optimal.
Initially this trick was found when the first published run got submitted.

#59345704564563205 - Bionicle 11 frame improvement

Bionicle Any% v3.bk2
In 07:07.15 (25513 frames), 63055 rerecords
Game: Lego Bionicle (GBA)
3132 views, 477 downloads
Uploaded 11/16/2019 3:12 PM by Memory (1 files)
colin fix your comparison now