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#75206084705959364 -

Scum+xipo-Ninja Gaiden 2--33105-compact.fm3
In 09:10.84 (33105 frames), 77975 rerecords
589 views, 119 downloads
Uploaded 10/30/2021 9:51 PM by Scumtron (1 files)

#66784147849212248 - NG2 possible failure

In 02:04.92 (7508 frames), 6910 rerecords
2493 views, 334 downloads
Uploaded 10/16/2020 3:01 PM by Samsara (1 files)
Stage 2 boss. Can't seem to use fire wheels the frame after jumping and I have no idea why.
EDIT: This actually isn't the final branch (it enters the boss 1 frame later than optimal) but it doesn't matter since a 1 frame delay is needed to get the boss kill to work (and another 1 frame delay is needed on top of that). I'll just be moving on with a two frame loss to what I can only assume is emulation differences.