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Published on 11/29/2008
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. According to the author, This run aims to complete all dungeons/temples/Ganon trials as quickly as possible.
As such, it is a slight deviation from the usual "complete the game as fast as possible without any regard to the plot" theme. Slight, because it still does things in the wrong order. This movie contains several new glitches that are not used in the aims-for-fastest-time TAS that we have on this site.

The second downloadable modern and compatibility encodes contain pre-muxed audio commentary by Comicalflop and MiraiGen. Select an audio track in your media player to choose which you are listening to. The audio commentary can be downloaded stand-alone as well — get Comicalflop's commentary here (mirror), and MiraiGen's here (mirror).
As a bonus, a special high-quality cel-shaded video is provided for your viewing pleasure in .mkv format. If you encounter problems viewing it, please check the Downloads page.

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