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Published on 11/26/2004
A new tool-assisted record time at Super Mario Bros. The length is 4:59.92 (17995 frames), from power on to ending the input. Axe is touched at frame number 18012 (5:00.20).
It is 64 frames (1.07 seconds) faster than the previous version.
Selected quotes from the authors:
We sincerely thank Mana for showing us some strategies. It helps us in this version. Also, thanks to Michael Fried, his video inspires me to collect some more points where Mana failed to achieve.
Even in simple-looking games you can always find more time-saving tricks to exploit if you look hard enough. See what we've found at the Super Mario Bros. Tricks page.
The completion times for each level are:
  • 1-1: 370
  • 1-2: 347
  • 4-1: 341 (fireworks)
  • 4-2: 356
  • 8-1: 200
  • 8-2: 342
  • 8-3: 244
  • 8-4: 316
For extra curiosity, see a slightly edited version (for Famtasia). It introduces the hat-stomping trick in 8-2 and ends the movie properly at hitting the axe.
Emulator Replay:
FCEU 0.98.12

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