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Published on 4/3/2014
Pokémon: Silver Version takes place 3 years after Blue, Red and Yellow, and puts the player in a brand new world: Johto. The gameplay is very similar to the previous games, but with several improvements, including new functions for the player's PokéGear, a Pokédex that can now be sorted by evolution type, and of course, new Pokémon.
In this run, MrWint uses a glitch involving the Coin Case to execute arbitrary code and finish the game 24 minutes faster than the previous version. As with his TASes of Red Version, the entire input file was generated by a computer program that brute forced the game for optimal luck manipulation. The expansive testing done by the program is the reason for the astronomical rerecord count.
We also have a run of a second generation Pokémon game that avoids corrupting the memory.

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