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Current version: 2
Emulator used: snes9xw-improvement9
Options: default options
Take hit and use death to show funny things
More than 100 000 re-records
Why would anyone like the result?: It’s an improved version of my last run.
Aim: Show funny things and bugs
-- New programming errors and funny things to see --
- Bug with the fence (Castle 1)
- Fish in the P switch (Donut Secret 1)
- Spring double jump (Donut Secret 2)
- Invisible box in the coins bridge (Donut Secret 2)
- Multy kills with the spring (Donut Secret 2)
- Brown box become yellow (Donut Plains 3)
- Funny colors at the key hole (Vanilla Dome 1)
- Get 1UPs after bouncing on the first enemy (Chocolate Island 2)
- Dead after reaching the goal of the stage (Chocolate Island 3)
- Yellow shell become hostile after kicking it (Valley of Bowser 2)
- Very fast 1UPs with a shell (Valley of Bowser 2)
- Use the keys to pass through the ceil (Valley of Bowser 2)
- Travel in the first part without flying and using the moving platform (Castle 7)
- Amazing battle!! (Boss of Castle 7)
- Dead in the number 2 (Bowser’s Castle)

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Here goes! Feel free to clean up the list.

adelikat: Rejecting. Reasons posted in the discussion thread.

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This topic is for the purpose of discussing #1801: Genisto's SNES Super Mario World "Playaround" in 45:30.42
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I do think this is a bit better than the first version, the faster pace does help I think. Still not my cup of tea though, although I'm definitely a fan of the fake death.
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Definitely better than the previous version. Alot of cool shell kicking and other moves in various levels, and once again many unexpected glitches that kept me interested till the end. I really liked: - Colour glitch at the Key hole in the first Cave Level - Unlimited coins in one of the autoscrolling Sky Levels - Death Skip in CI2 - Falling into death after hitting the flag in CI3 (funny :-P) - 3-Up silver coin pwnage in CI5 (probably got more than 100 lives in that level alone) - Mario and Yoshi duo death at VOB1 - Capeless run through Larry Castle (cool to see how fast it can be in a TAS) - Larry Battle This run has also a much better pace, mainly because the death-routes were much better planned, so that you could catch up into the level pretty quickly after them. All in all a good and entertaining run I enjoyed watching, so I vote YES.
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Amazing battle!! (Boss of Castle 7)
No kidding. That was all kinds of weird.
Unlimited coins in one of the autoscrolling Sky Levels
I would like to see this taken further. How many coin boxes/shells can you have going at once? I'm also curious about what can be done with duplicating the on/off switches... though the answer is probably "not much." Very amusing overall, though I found myself fast-forwarding through much of the first quarter of the run, which I felt was pretty dry. Yes vote. Edit: JXQ's post reminded me- have you experimented with eating or "double eating" the berries in FoI? It seems like doing something bizarre might be possible when Yoshi craps out a mushroom for Mario to eat. ...As if that weren't bizarre enough on its own.
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YI2 - Less impressive than existing runs, though the koopa train was handled different. YI3 - really uninteresting, though I'm not sure what you could do. There was a small part where you ran off a ledge which removes super speed temporarily, not a big deal for a non-speedrun, but it just looks very ugly. YI4 - Interesting combination of the re-animated P-switch with Yoshi carry, but another level may have been better suited for showing this off. C1 - The first room was entertaining and different. The rest was the same as before. DP2b - The kill-an-enemy-and-eat-that-enemy is pretty neat to see (it makes a nice sound effect too, hehe). DS1b - I laughed when you did the fishglitch in water :D DSH - meh, I don't understand why you went this way, only to not fight Big Boo. That could be immensely entertaining. DS2 - Good stuff. I thought it would have been cool to get 1 star at the end. DS3 - Exactly like the existing 96 exit run except it stops in a few spots. DS4 - The way Fabian handles the enemies at the beginning near the pipes makes me wish for that in yours, instead of firepower here. Also running off the edge of slopes looks ugly. C2 - I enjoy the small-only run of this level tons more than this. The boss fight was great, though. VD1b - Again, the small-only run here is more entertaining than yours. Colors have also been done better...although there is a crazy constantly-changing color glitch that would be good in this run. VS1a - I *really* liked this level! VS2 - I also liked this level, though it looked a bit sloppy by tool assisted standards. VS3 - Boring. The level itself is not much for any type of run. VF - Really boring. I'm questioning your route now. BB1 - Small run is better again. This level drags on for me regardless, though. BB2 - I'll have to watch the 96-exit again, but I'm pretty sure they're similar. You used your lack of flight speed requirements to press forward more, so that helps. C4 - Secret room? Also, if you are interested in very fast climbing (not sure if that was your plan), check out Big Boo's Fortress from SDW. If you snag some ground while above the screen, it will follow you at full speed and you can perform the fast climbing even faster than you do here. FoI1a - Thank you for not doing this overdone glitch like last time. FoI2a - Idea for next time: Take the secret exit in FoI1, and then one-wall-walljump up the wall to reach the end of level doors. We found this not possible due to the vertical scrolling of SMW, but you are excellent at finding out new stuff, so it's worth a try. And water levels are boring. Overall I think your route through the forest world was not good for entertainment possibilities. FoI3b - Yay carrying three things! I wonder if the fact that two are springs makes this possible, as the spring halts your x-momentum when you pick one up. C5 - Nothing special in this level. CI1 - I laughed out loud at the sliding animation bopping through the level. :) Also excellent use of the pipe speed AND one-wall walljumping. Excellent level. CGH - Bleh. Nothing new here. CI2a - I thorougly enjoyed this level, and it's an excellent level for this type of run. CI3 - The level was mostly less impressive than the current runs, but the situation you created at the end was humorous. CF - When you got stopped by the last pair of spikes, all I could think was "poor planning". Your Reznor fights are excellent, though, and seem faster than existing runs. CI4 - You made some bad choices in the beginning but by the end of the level, it was pretty nice. CI5 - I liked this level last time and it did not disappoint. :) C6 - I found this very boring. SGS - Worse than last time. The falling is critical to do something fun, or it becomes very long and boring, like here. VoB1a - I preferred the published runs to either play of this level here. VoB2a - Neat trick, though this level still drags on for me. The small-only run is way better in this level. VGHa - I liked what you did in this level. VoB3 - This is like the small-only run except much sloppier and less entertaining. VoB4a - I'm not sure what to think of this level. It was alright. C7 - This level is done better in the small-only run. The boss fight was crazy, though! FD - Thank you for not picking the water door. Bowser - This was very unimpressive, I don't know what else to say. Every published run defeats Bowser in a more impressive way than this, even the small-only run. As before, there is not enough (although more than last time) here that isn't present in the existing published runs done in a more impressive manner, and being familiar with all of those made this run less entertaining. I vote no. Here's a link to the SMW small-only run since Genisto and Saturn (and most likely others) seem to be unaware of it. It does some neat stuff since a cape is absent.
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this was full of awesome. totally full. yes, I'm aware of and I love the small-only run, but this run packs more cool shit into nearly half the length. it arguably also has more style. yes vote. also, another yes vote for making donut secret 1 entertaining somehow.
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Oh, I really liked this movie. It was funny and goofy enough that a friend of mine who doesn't even like TASes sat with me and watched the entire thing! The fake death with the fire flower was probably my favorite part, but I also loved the carrying two or three things around with you for no good reason.
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Finally, someone remembers the L and R buttons! Overall, I liked the last run better. Sorry. But hey, the Lemming-style death in CI3 was awesome. I'm going to withhold my vote. I WAS entertained by this run, but I prefer your last submission to this one. Call it a yes vote in spirit.
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Damn good run this time, on par with your SMB3 playaround run. Yes vote.
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I voted meh on this. It was far more entertaining than version 1, but I guess just because I know this game so well I know that there are so many more things that COULD have been done that weren't. I found myself saying, "I hope he does X" a lot but it never happened. They keep getting better though, so I would say go for a version 3. Watching the SMW Small-Only and Super Demo World runs might help give you some ideas as well as the SMW Tricks Page.
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I'm so glad you redid this! I didn't think the previous one was worth publishing because there was too much dawdling, but this movie sings a totally different tune! I really liked it.
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Funniest TAS ever.
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Wonderfull... these runs make me feel "when jackass mets video-game!" !!!
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You're still missing the one thing to boost this from a "meh" to a "yes", and that's to have at least one level where you act along with the music! How can you make this mistake three times?
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Heh, looks like I'm the only one who thought the last one was better. C'est la vie...
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I find the lack of random, funny deaths is...disturbing. I don't know. Now it just seems like SMW played with style, rather than just pissing around mindlessly to get through the game. There were definitely improvements though, such as the tripping out keyhole in VD1, and the stylish finish in VS1. Keep trying, though. Some advice on what to add... - There's some glitch in DS2, that involves being on a Yoshi, having a cap, and spitting out a yellow shell near the goal, turning it into something glitchy, making the tape (temporarily) vanish in the process). - The odd color changing pipes in DS1, except show them only partially changed - The glitch where Mario spazzes out in the ending. It takes more input time, but that's not what we're aiming for here, is it? - Going to the Star World and Special World in VS1. Do stuff there, and when you've done them, continue on through the normal VD route. Why? Because the upper part of the mountain sucks for entertainment. - That weird glitch in Cheese Bridge Area where you mess up Yoshi's graphics. - Invisible Yoshi glitches (use the item duplication trick on a Yoshi; one will show up, the other will be invisible. And if you kill the visible one, the invisible one becomes visible) - Anything else entertaining you can think of
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I wasn't terribly entertained. It was cute seeing all those glitches, but overall it was kinda boring for me. No vote for me sir.
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I didn't like this as much as the original. Even though you added a lot of weird weird stuff in Chocolate Island, the fact that you omitted so much from the first run is disappointing. If you want a publishable run, you've gotta do it ALL.
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I also liked this one, and humor seemed stronger to me. I would also vote for a level with syncronized movements in time with the music incidentally.
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This video prove the beauty of Entertainment TASes. And could be have for other games. Examples: Donkey Kong Country, Super Metroid, Sonic, SMB, ETC. Congratz for your very good eye for entertainment. For me this run is better than version 1. But I recommend see JXQ's feedback post and work in your errors. I vote no because various levels are improvable. You must cancel this submission and to do ultimate version 3.
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I liked the first one better.
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I enjoyed it. More than the previous, anyway. Guess there are some mixed feelings about it, though.
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Overall an enjoyable movie that had it's good- and less good parts. Also fun to see a movie that's not all about attacking time.
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This was better than the first run you did, but I still think a better job can be done. JXQ summed up the improvements nicely. This run was better than your smb3 glitched run (in my opinion), but still not good enough. I'm voting no.
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I vote no because I found it rather boring. The amount of "interesting" and glitchy parts were pretty small. Besides that I didn't notice many glitches I havn't seen in other runs.