Introduction and general news:

Hi, this is Randil's page on TASVideos. I'm a 24 year old guy from Sweden who's been doing TASes for about 5 years now. I make almost exclusively NES TASes, mostly because I like FCEU and FCEUX so much. There aren't any specific genre I prefer for TASing a game, and as you'll see, I've done many different kinds of games, but mostly platformers and puzzle games.
I'm an active player and forum poster on TASVideos, and I've recently become an editor too.

Current project:

Nothing in particular right now. I kinda sway from project to project. There are lots of stuff I have plans on finishing eventually - Felix the Cat, Goonies 2, Startropcs 2, etc. etc. The list is quite long. I'll probably finish them off eventually, if I know myself.

Future Projects:

I'd like to make a bot that TASes a game all by itself, and although I've made some progress, I'm not there yet.

Currently published movies:

At the moment, these are my published runs (including co-authored runs):
You can find a list of all of them here.

Rejected runs (including co-operated runs)

Submissions that didn't make it. This list does not include runs that have been improved upon.

Not submitted runs and not-finished runs:

I have a bad habit of starting things without finishing them. Here's some of that stuff:

Runs in Workbench:

None at the moment.

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