First Edition TAS of 2019 candidates:

[3890]Wii Wii Sports "Golf, 9-Hole Game" by tendog in 03:33.40
[3891]Arcade Violent Storm "2 players" by Mihoru in 10:34.72
[3893]GBA F-Zero: Maximum Velocity "Grand Prix Pawn" by Memory in 11:02.68
[3895]Genesis Warlock by maTO in 22:12.01
[3899]Linux Celeste by buhbai, euni, fishmcmuffins, keylie, DevilSquirrel, KT in 27:04.43
[3902]GBA Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts "Arrange Mode" by Fred in 09:24.80
[3905]SNES Sunset Riders "2 players" by jmosx36 in 17:13.23
[3908]GG The GG Shinobi "all upgrades" by Greenalink in 09:17.93
[3910]SMS The Lion King by EZGames69 in 06:23.83
[3914]Arcade Tetris the Absolute: The Grand Master 2 Plus "T.A. Death" by Steelix100 in 03:25.58
[3915]C64 Portal by DrD2k9 in 03:48.50
[3917]Genesis The Lion King 2 by EZGames69 in 07:54.96
[3920]SNES Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald "2 players" by KusogeMan in 24:30.49
[3921]NES Nim & Nom "2 players" by kaizoman666 in 05:19.92
[3925]Linux INK by lexikiq in 08:52.57
[3931]GB Tobu Tobu Girl "all levels" by Eltrion, ThunderAxe31 in 02:42.92
[3932]DS Tetris Party Deluxe "Sprint" by Taechuk in 00:43.04
[3935]GBC Donkey Kong Land III by mike89 in 31:11.33
[3937]Windows Iji by Matslo123 in 27:41.87
[3939]GBA Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue by Mittenz, The8bitbeast in 14:58.41
[3941]GC Super Monkey Ball Adventure "Challenge Mode" by Gonquai in 12:08.25
[3950]ZXS Old Tower by EZGames69 in 13:04.04
[3951]PSX Grand Theft Auto 2 by Noxxa in 04:18.63
[3957]Genesis Sonic 3D Blast "best ending" by the0nlykyd in 35:55.61
[3958]Linux Minit by keylie in 07:14.88
[3960]Coleco Montezuma's Revenge by nymx & DrD2k9 in 11:18.44
[3962]FDS The Mysterious Murasame Castle by Noxxa in 09:55.05
[3964]PSX Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft "glitchless" by Troye in 1:27:50.03
[3965]SNES FireStriker "2 players" by WarHippy in 08:17.66
[3968]DS Meteos "Multi Star Trip, best ending" by Taechuk in 06:50.39
[3969]NES Rockman: Spirits of Hackers by Baddap1 in 29:56.87
[3972]PSX Hogs of War by TommyeAsY in 52:46.73
[3986]C64 The Human Race by nymx in 09:08.27
[3996]NES Battle City: Zeng Ge Hack "2 players" by Soig in 09:53.19
[4014]PSX Disney's 102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue by Avouca & Custom in 18:00.20
[4018]GG Mega Man by Baddap1 in 13:22.83
[4023]GB The Lion King by Lobsterzelda in 09:19.47
[4033]PSX Final Fantasy VII by Lil_Gecko in 6:30:35.51
[4034]NES Donald Land by FatRatKnight, pirate_sephiroth, Exonym, Bloopiero, The8bitbeast, Mittenz, tjblakely, lapogne36, Memory in 08:36.13
[4039]PCE Bonk 3: Bonk's Big Adventure by Memory in 19:03.65
[4043]Linux Undertale "True Pacifist ending" by LucasWills in 1:20:04.30
[4044]DS Super Monkey Ball: Touch & Roll "Challenge Mode" by Silverbawxer, Taechuk, xy2_, Gonquai in 26:19.51
[4051]C64 Monty on the Run by DrD2k9 in 12:03.84
[4063]Arcade Warriors of Fate by Xipo in 18:32.70
[4065]NES L'Empereur "save glitch" by Jigwally in 01:52.08
[4068]PCE The Legendary Axe II by EZGames69 in 11:45.73
[4069]Genesis Monster World IV by CoolHandMike in 1:05:10.63
[4070]GBC Spirou: The Robot Invasion by ViGadeomes & zoboner in 17:34.46
[4071]DS Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story by vince1919 in 4:49:49.35
[4079]PSX X-COM: UFO Defense by willbobsled in 14:44.04
[4087]Linux You Have to Win the Game by letcreate123 in 04:46.58
[4092]SMS Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension "game end glitch" by The8bitbeast in 03:10.05
[4095]SMS Enduro Racer by The8bitbeast in 10:12.84

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