This page lists movies that have been submitted for review.
Some of them will eventually end up on the Movies page, while some of them will not make it.
Submitted movies can be published by certain people.

SystemGameBranchTimeByDate Status
NES Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 17:27.41 xy2_ 11/19/2015 Cancelled
DS Assassin's Creed: Altaïr's Chronicles 59:59.47 xy2_ 11/30/2015 Cancelled
NES Pwn Adventure Z 06:49.61 arandomgameTASer, brunovalads, BrunoVisnadi, deogenerate, Kaizoboy, MUGG, True & xy2_ 1/10/2016 Cancelled
A2600 FlapPing PoorLords, perfect score 00:00.22 xy2_ 2/7/2016 Cancelled
Genesis Super Mario World 64 07:44.97 xy2_ 4/17/2016 Cancelled
Arcade Three Wonders Midnight Wanderers 11:43.00 xy2_ 6/4/2016 Cancelled
Arcade Dottori Kun 04:22.42 xy2_ 6/13/2016 Cancelled
Windows Unknown Game SHOW TIME!!, no bombs 01:21.32 xy2_ 11/6/2016 Cancelled