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#34377620927558622 - Dragon Warrior III (GBC) - Intro test

dw3 intro - currently a LOTAD (kinda).bk2
In 03:18.25 (11841 frames), 31 rerecords
Uploaded 10/18/2016 4:31 AM by d-feather (see all 5)
This is a LOTAD, a Low-Optimization Tool-Assisted Demonstration, of the intro to Dragon Warrior III's Game Boy Color remake. Here's what I do:
  1. I autofire Start every other frame to get to naming the protagonist A. After that, I say yes to all of the questions asked to him by autofiring A every other frame and alternating between A and B to speed through dialogue.
  2. After speeding through the questions, the hero goes through the scenario where he/she is turned into a monster. After killing only one person by breathing fire on a warrior, killing him, A escapes town. This gives him a Valiant personality; I don't know what stats it affects, but I guess it gives him really good stat growths that'll be very useful for later on in the final version of the TAS.
  3. A awakens from his dream on his 16th birthday, mostly because his mom woke him up so he could see the king of Aliahan. A is led towards Aliahan Castle by his mom, all the while autofiring A and B to speed through dialogue. A is then escorted to the beginning of the bridge between the town of Aliahan and its castle. He then speeds through more dialogue and charges into Aliahan Castle to talk with the king.
  4. The last part of this LOTAD is A speaking with the king, autofiring through his dialogue and getting 50 gold and a few weapons and armor afterwards. Once the dialogue box closes, input ends.
Once I plan out a good route, I'll expand upon this LOTAD. If I get a LUA bot to do all the dirty work for me, I'll probably begin work on the TAS for real.

#2162614622808571 - Dragon Quest III (J) GBC "debug mode" vba-m

In 00:02.02 (121 frames), 18 rerecords
Uploaded 10/28/2012 9:00 AM by tetora_X (see all 3)
works on vba-v24m-svn-r422.
We can go debug mode, when we use an item called "なし"(nothing). it can lead to make the game finished in 6min.
You can go ending credit, when you choose "4. MORIテスト"(MORI Test). You can warp anywhere you want, when you choose "2. ひぐち テスト"(Higuchi Test).
In any way, the graphics of the field are broken. and it's not broken in real GB console.