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#638069821642462684 - NES TAS Test

NES TAS Test.fm2
In 00:37.08 (2229 frames), 4 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
0 views, 19 downloads
Uploaded 12/18/2022 5:42 PM by Sonic123TTSLives (1 files)
My first try at NES TASing

#637936906462581196 - NES Super Mario Bros. 3 Ram Watch file

Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
0 views, 109 downloads
Uploaded 7/17/2022 9:37 PM by TASVideoAgent (1 files)
(Ported from Legacy Address Set 3) BizHawk Ram Watch file for NES Super Mario Bros. 3

#637896725554010464 - orb atlas lua

22 views, 38 downloads
Uploaded 6/1/2022 9:29 AM by Mizumaririn (1 files)
this is still work in progress. this revision is not exactly but similar to the one used for my encode.
to use it for smb3, you have to change the rom addresses

#637823196123103071 - Super Mario Bros. 3 2 player

Super Mario Bros. 3.bk2
In 1:34:51.02 (342024 frames), 163 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
69 views, 43 downloads
Uploaded 3/8/2022 7:00 AM by DrakeekarD (1 files)
A playthrough of Super Mario Bros. 3 utilizing 2 player mode. Enjoy.

#75436230045449211 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "Game End Glitch" in 00:00:00.316

In 00:00.31 (19 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
2494 views, 144 downloads
Uploaded 11/10/2021 6:36 AM by OnehundredthCoin (2 files)
Run created in Bizhawk 2.6.3 (with some odd export issue, so I just pasted the inputs in version 2.3.2 and exported it there?) Before I submit this run, I'm going to be taking the time to write up a huge explanation, and probably make a video explaining how this run works.
The credits work perfectly fine without any visual bugs.
Uploaded as a user file so it can be console verified before submission.
Huge thanks to Bigbass for verifying the run.
The final run had 3183 rerecords, I'll fix the metadata before the submission.

#75291642453080158 - Super Mario Bros. 3 "Game End Glitch" in 0:00:00.399

In 00:00.25 (15 frames), 13882 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
871 views, 75 downloads
Uploaded 11/3/2021 6:19 PM by OnehundredthCoin (2 files)
I'm going to make a much better writeup of this, but for now I'm just uploading the .bk2
This should beat the current TAS by 23 frames.
Keep in mind this run was made in version 2.3.2 with the SubNesHawk core. I believe this version has a bug with IRQ timing? I don't know all the details, but it might not work on later versions of the emulator. This should not affect the run on console, so I've been told.

#63963457865445551 - Mini Kaizo Warpless WIP

In 16:05.31 (58014 frames), 27225 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
13344 views, 389 downloads
Uploaded 6/11/2020 2:17 PM by Riolku (2 files)
This is another WIP of Mini Kaizo Bros Warpless up to Bowser.

#63703044418485022 - Mini Kaizo Bros 3. Warpless WIP

Mini Kaizo Warpless.fm2
In 10:34.10 (38109 frames), 10964 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
13477 views, 378 downloads
Uploaded 5/30/2020 8:49 PM by Riolku (2 files)

#60843893106065634 - Super Mario bros 3. TAS in 12.07.76

In 12:56.37 (46659 frames), 2892 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
14961 views, 704 downloads
Uploaded 1/23/2020 2:31 AM by CSLRGaming (1 files)
My First TAS To beat Super Mario Bros 3 But can be Improved, Any% With No Wrong Warps, Just a Bomb Omb Clip in a World 8 Tank Or airship or whatever it is

#59219917467869274 - Super Hammer Bros. 3 “any%”

In 01:06.64 (4005 frames), 223 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
18308 views, 542 downloads
Uploaded 11/10/2019 11:14 PM by Αsumeh (6 files)
Super Hammer Bros. 3 is a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hack created by Mitch "mitchflowerpower" Fowler.
The first "level" is merely just an unskippable Spade Panel. The player must go through that "level" to continue.
Following after is a group of Hammer Bro battles. Seven, to be exact. All consist of a battlefield made exactly like in World 1's only Hammer Bro battle in the original game and are shuffled up thanks to the first "level" of the game.
Six of their chests contain Jugem's Clouds, while only one of them contains a hammer, required to enter the final "battle" with Bowser and win the game.
My run breaks the system of luck and brainwashes the Hammer Bros to make the least amounts of movement possible for me to pass through. And in under a minute!
Now, behold... the IPS patch I provide to you is yours to keep if you choose to take a gander at the hack yourself.

In case you don't know yet, I'm not too bright with luck manipulation. I'm sure it can be optimized a bit further for a faster time.

#59219369001475980 - Super Frig Bros. 3 “any%”

In 05:11.52 (18722 frames), 1897 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
18271 views, 518 downloads
Uploaded 11/10/2019 10:39 PM by Αsumeh (6 files)
Super Frig Bros. 3: Revenge of the Frigs, or simply Super Frig Bros. 3, is a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM hack created by Mitch "mitchflowerpower" Fowler, built for his second ROM hack competition. It features 12 levels, along with a special mechanism that allows for Mario's hat and overalls to change colors between appearances (such as entering from a warp, growing/shrinking, etc.).
My TAS, made in May 2018, speeds through the hack in record time, beating Extronic's existing run by 4.6 seconds.
Your chance to join in on the fun in Mitch's competition may be over, but your chance to download the hack's IPS patch certainly won't be! ;)

#57054927864147259 - SMB3 game end glitch improvement proof of concept

In 02:53.76 (10443 frames), 12779 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
17052 views, 609 downloads
Uploaded 8/5/2019 11:13 AM by negative seven (1 files)

#56395527153412223 - Mini Kaizo Bros. 3 (Super Mario Bros. 3 Hack) “any%”

In 02:49.28 (10174 frames), 2391 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
19825 views, 665 downloads
Uploaded 7/6/2019 6:30 PM by Αsumeh (6 files)
This is a work-in-progress TAS for a Super Mario Bros. 3 ROM Hack known as Mini Kaizo Bros. 3.

Game Objectives

  • Aims for the fastest game completion
  • Uses death to save time
  • Barely manipulates luck (for the hand traps)
  • Uses the PRG1 version
  • Saves his soul from Bowser
After seeing how it's possible to warp straight to World 8 from World 1, according to this video, I ditched my original plan of going through all the worlds and decided to use the video's method instead. I have currently stopped after the last World 8 pipe area before the castle because I can't find a way to activate the trigger to force the lock to disappear, thus leaving me stuck.
Again, help and suggestions would be appreciated, though, it's only the trigger activation in World 8 that I need help on. Other than that, comment your opinion out, and let me know if you find any unoptimal spots or improvable areas.
You may also encode this run (and my other runs) so that people without an emulator can watch them at ease. Don't forget to give me credit for doing so.

#52514549789799992 - SMB3 SUBNesHawk ACE Test

In 07:52.22 (28380 frames), 344 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
19053 views, 749 downloads
Uploaded 1/12/2019 11:46 PM by total (1 files)
Early version of the SMB AGDQ2017 payload converted into BK2 for subneshawk.

#52430841117850526 - SMB3 in 126 polls (SUBNESHawk)

In 00:02.09 (126 frames), 229 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
20191 views, 729 downloads
Uploaded 1/9/2019 5:17 AM by Masterjun (1 files)
Super Mario Bros. 3 (U) (PRG1) in SUBNESHawk.

Reaches end cutscene. Has invisible credits though.


Due to the DPCM glitch, a workaround was programmed into the game. It consists of rereading inputs until two consecutive inputs match. This can be abused by constantly changing input, leading to an overflow.


LogKey:#Power|Reset|#P1 Up|P1 Down|P1 Left|P1 Right|P1 Start|P1 Select|P1 B|P1 A|#P2 Up|P2 Down|P2 Left|P2 Right|P2 Start|P2 Select|P2 B|P2 A|

<45 repititions of those 2 lines>


#52086265358578538 - Super Mario Bros. 3 “fastest 99 lives”

In 00:43.16 (2594 frames), 1392 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
21921 views, 876 downloads
Uploaded 12/24/2018 4:51 PM by Αsumeh (6 files)
Not much to say about this one, so I'm sorry if you get offended by how little description there is.

This run aims to get 99 lives in the fastest amount of time possible. In Super Mario Bros. 3, 99 is the maximum amount of lives you can get.
This run is 0.27 seconds faster than the ISMin's TAS.

#51375825773152801 - Super Riff Bros. 3 “any%”

In 17:19.20 (62455 frames), 7926 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
22351 views, 1657 downloads
Uploaded 11/22/2018 4:58 PM by Αsumeh (6 files)
Super Riff Bros. 3 is a Super Mario Bros. 3 hack created by Freakin HA, inspired by Kaizo hacks such as Kaizo Mario Bros. 3, Kamikaze Bros. 3, the Kaizo Mario World trilogy, etc.
This TAS races through the hack in less than 20 minutes in time to save Peach, only to find that she's a whiz at 1970s music.

#51359243515658205 - Superfast Mario Bros. 3

In 01:51.15 (6680 frames), 1441 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
22374 views, 870 downloads
Uploaded 11/21/2018 11:03 PM by Αsumeh (6 files)
Quoting Acmlm1
SMB3 with speed hacks! Once again, Mario races through the game faster than Sonic could ever hope to, and doesn't have time to waste on the autoscrolling.
Superfast Mario Bros. 3 is a Super Mario Bros. 3 hack that includes speed hacks, letting Mario zip through the game in record time. Other speedy changes were made alongside that as well. The hack was actually created in 2008, after the first and second of its series. However, it wasn't until July 28, 2009 when a run of this hack was finally created.
This is a 0.38-second improvement to my old movie created almost eight years after the original run by Acmlm1 has been uploaded (to which I've also improved by 3 seconds). This was mostly due to a new strategy of killing Bowser quicker by getting on the right side of Bowser instead of the left. Because of that, this TAS is about 5.6 times faster than the current movie of the original game.
And, one more thing: It's not possible to perform a warpless version of the game due to a number of issues being discovered by YouTuber Chris Akridge.

#50781229547072960 - SMB3 Warps Bowser Fix

LordTom-Maru-Tompa-SMB3Warps Bowser Fix.fm2
In 10:24.93 (37558 frames), 18251 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
10933 views, 619 downloads
Uploaded 10/26/2018 10:18 PM by Lord Tom (2 files)
1 frame shorter by manipulating Bowser's y sub-pixel via a minor adjustment to 8-Tank2

#45404022594748324 - NES SMB3 BoomBoom Glitch Kill

bb instakill fireball.fm2
In 00:54.91 (3300 frames), 88 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
11136 views, 758 downloads
Uploaded 2/26/2018 6:22 PM by Lord Tom (2 files)
MitchFlowerPower pointed out that killing BoomBoom with hammers sometimes results in a glitched exit to the world map, skipping the death animation and the need to collect the ? ball. This video demo's the glitch using fireballs.

#33691566749055448 - SMB3 Battle Mode watch file

28312 views, 1268 downloads
Uploaded 9/17/2016 6:59 AM by dwangoAC (1 files)
This file shows the SMB3 battle mode in memory order.

#10240438833533844 - SMB3 optimized through level 2 (then desyncs)

SMB3 optimized 2.fm2
In 10:25.62 (37599 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES)
32187 views, 1338 downloads
Uploaded 10/27/2013 3:54 AM by Bobo the King (1 files)
I ran my optimization script on LordTom, Mitjitsu, and Tompa's Super Mario Bros. 3 run. It removed about 1/3 of all inputs. However, it desyncs after two levels because enemies are on some spurious timer that isn't affected by frames but rather by the user's input.
I swear it's not a problem with the script! I just need to analyze the game's RAM more thoroughly!