Movie for NES Final Fantasy

#21327940307283526 - Final Fantasy - stairs glitch


Uploaded 3/10/2015 11:48 AM by Inzult (1 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 07:00.17 (25252 frames), 201 rerecords

15543 views, 1144 downloads

thrown together -- not suitable for submission

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#34371791720769791 - Final Fantasy stairs glitch start

ff1_stairs - Copy.fm2

Uploaded 10/17/2016 10:13 PM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 22:32.40 (81278 frames), 3448 rerecords

13888 views, 1085 downloads

To the Dwarf cave! I need help passed then. I need 50000 gold for when I buy the bottle... My route is not exactly the best.

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#39202335128461241 - Final Fantasy Origins


Uploaded 5/23/2017 11:17 AM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 05:06.58 (18178 frames), 1895 rerecords

12865 views, 822 downloads

This is a WIP of Final Fantasy Origins (FF1). I get to the bridge. Help is strongly encouraged!! (Note: Final Fantasy Origins is not in the game database, so I had to click on the NES version.

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#44501627920733075 - Final Fantasy credits warp TAS

Final Fantasy (Japan) (Rev 0A)-10.fm2

Uploaded 1/17/2018 3:01 AM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 18:57.39 (68356 frames), 458 rerecords

11689 views, 1801 downloads

Not suited for submission; lots of frames can be saved. Still beats the WR by almost 2 minutes.

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#46852415685275387 - FF1 Origins update


Uploaded 5/2/2018 11:51 PM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 08:38.52 (30745 frames), 79 rerecords

10657 views, 770 downloads

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#53161967791981342 - WM no resets wip


Uploaded 2/11/2019 3:31 AM by TheAxeMan (2 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 30:30.21 (109994 frames), 48850 rerecords

7644 views, 1388 downloads

Here I get the silver hammer and use it against wizards in Earth Cave. But later figured out a way to skip the fight altogether.

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#53562423743329570 - white mage no resets


Uploaded 3/1/2019 4:21 AM by TheAxeMan (2 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 1:17:55.35 (280983 frames), 55225 rerecords

7500 views, 1163 downloads

First draft at payload for RPG limit break

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#64032738408665734 - updated WIP, gets 999999 gold to help out later


Uploaded 6/14/2020 5:10 PM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 12:48.65 (46195 frames), 588 rerecords

4811 views, 307 downloads

Start of a glitched run of FF1 up to the bridge. It will be an improvement over my first WIP.

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#71346514307280283 - How?

FF1 5800 in FCEUX.fm2

Uploaded 5/10/2021 2:14 AM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 01:36.50 (5800 frames), 144 rerecords

2138 views, 155 downloads

This ties the TAS in BizHawk, if I'm correct... Oh, nevermind... I didn't realize it started from a savestate...

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#71346582046172480 - FF1J 5800 (from power on)

FF1J fix.fm2

Uploaded 5/10/2021 2:19 AM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 01:36.50 (5800 frames), 3 rerecords

2162 views, 159 downloads

Fixed now, it starts from power on. I just copied and pasted the inputs from my previous userfile, after the reset. I don't know how my TAS is the same number of frames as one done in Bizhawk (which takes 1-2 frames less to start up)

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#71880279762525111 - Final Fantasy ZZ Hard-Type v2.3 TAS WIP 1


Uploaded 6/3/2021 3:10 AM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 07:14.60 (26119 frames), 2404 rerecords

1918 views, 137 downloads

Up to Elfland. If I knew how to write Lua scripts or something similar, I could have found better rounds for the Garland, Pirate and R.Sahag fights. Finding at least pretty good rounds is hard and tiresome, often taking several minutes to come close to what I want. Also, this TAS uses the fastest names possible, because I don't know where the letters are, and I wanted to get on with the actual TAS. I don't know how the RNG works in this version, because it has been improved from the original. Uses a party of a Fighter, Red Mage, and two Black Mages. The Fighter is used for higher damage rolls than the mages can do with Fire, the Red Mage is used mostly for Garland, and the Black Mages are the most useful. I feel like for the first half of the game, I will be taking advantage of the higher strength of enemies, with Conf.

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#72007764845697842 - FFZZ TAS to Msrsh Cave (2 chaaracters)

FFZZ to Marsh Cave.fm2

Uploaded 6/8/2021 8:57 PM by DJ Incendration (9 files)

For Final Fantasy (NES)

In 06:25.63 (23176 frames), 4868 rerecords

1872 views, 130 downloads

I've been thinking about a solo black mage beating FFZZ with just Conf and Bane. The developer of this hack said, "It is not possible to complete any special challenges in FFZz, such as hardcore runs, duos and solos." I think I can prove him wrong in this TAS. Confusion and Bane will probably finish off all the enemies. This TAS makes it to the Marsh Cave, after beating the Pirates with only 2 characters remaining. Edit: I found there is a room on the second floor of the marsh cave, with a spike tile. The enemies on that tile have a lot of health, and I needed to confuse them to win as fast as possible. I used another Confuse on the fight before the miniboss, but I was out of MP for the Wizards and Sorcerer. I will need to level up to 5 or something before the Marsh Cave to have a chance at coming out alive. Edit 2: I just realized that I could buy another Conf. However, gold is a bit tight, so I'll have to win more battles.

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