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Published on 4/30/2013
"Thank you for playing Super Mario World! Unfortunately, this trial copy will only let you play for 1.5 minutes."
This is a completely new type of Super Mario World TAS. It beats the game by jumping to the credits from one of the two levels available from the start, Yoshi's Island 2. This happens because a glitch involving stunning a flying question block allows manipulating the code being executed by changing the position of sprites.
This run is 00:56.41 seconds faster than Masterjun's previous movie. For those who love to read the technical specifics of such runs, there are detailed author's comments about the new method used here. Suffice to say, 8 controllers are required to get this to work. See this run played back on a real console. If you want to see more movies like this, let this post be your guide.

Seven months after this TAS, Masterjun exploited the glitch used here to do more than just trigger the game's end; he used only controller input to embed his own games into Super Mario World itself.

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