The All Platforms Challenge is a challenge, originally thought up by adelikat, of getting a published movie for all TASable platforms.
Besides just published runs, I'll also note other systems that I have done TAS work with at all (publically) but do not have a publication of.
All publications will link to the first published movie for the system given. Others may be more arbitrary.
NES Y [2795]NES Metal Force by adelikat, Aglar, AntyMew, Aqfaq, Cardboard, Masterjun, MESHUGGAH, MUGG, negative seven, Noxxa, Scepheo, thelegendarymudkip, Truncated in 13:09.60
SNES Y [1803]SNES Mega Man X3 "best ending, max%" by Noxxa in 43:52.33
Genesis Y [3132]Genesis Iron Man by Noxxa in 06:33.59
GB Y [2492]GB Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge by Noxxa in 16:56.99
SGB Y [2435]SGB Mega Man V by Noxxa in 40:03.09
GBC Y [2258]GBC Mega Man Xtreme 2 "Extreme mode" by Noxxa in 27:06.62
GBA Y [2735]GBA Digimon Sapphire by Noxxa in 31:59.40
N64 Y [4450]N64 Super Smash Bros. "playaround" by Noxxa in 07:55.10
DOS Y [2642]DOS Jazz Jackrabbit by Ilari, Noxxa, slamo in 26:41.93
SMS Y [4350]SMS Super Boy 4 by Noxxa, EZGames69 in 10:03.01
PSX Y [1516]PSX Mega Man X6 "all stages" by Noxxa in 41:18.38
PCE Y [3255]PCE Gomola Speed by Noxxa in 12:45.33
WSWAN Y [3199]WSWAN Rockman & Forte - Mirai Kara no Chousensha "Rockman" by Noxxa in 17:19.61
PCFX Y [3517]PCFX Chip-chan Kick! "2 players" by Noxxa in 11:38.26
NGP Y [3573]NGP Rockman Battle & Fighters by Noxxa in 08:20.89
Lynx Y [3267]Lynx Scrapyard Dog by Noxxa in 07:46.84
DS Y [1687]DS Mega Man ZX Advent by Noxxa in 1:19:26.35
GG Y [4402]GG Bugs Bunny in Double Trouble by Noxxa in 11:05.77
Arcade W X-Men Children of the Atom short playarounds
Saturn N
32X N
SegaCD N
FDS Y [3962]FDS The Mysterious Murasame Castle by Noxxa in 09:55.05
PCECD Y [3467]PCECD Final Zone II by Noxxa in 08:07.11
VBoy Y [3699]Vboy Waterworld by Noxxa in 12:43.66
GC Y [4185]GC Super Smash Bros. Melee "Classic Mode" by Noxxa in 05:36.93
Wii N
Windows N
SG1000 Y [4316]SG1000 Magical Tree by Noxxa in 08:21.46
TI83 N
SGX Y [3431]SGX Madou King Granzort by adelikat, Noxxa in 07:55.91
A2600 Y [2242]A2600 Spider-Man by Noxxa in 00:19.62
Coleco Y [3701]Coleco Dragonfire by Noxxa in 01:40.60
A7800 Y [3407]A7800 Scrapyard Dog by Noxxa in 11:04.14
C64 Y [4352]C64 L'Abbaye des Morts by Noxxa in 02:36.70
Linux N
SVI3x8 N
AppleII N
INTV Y [3820]INTV Sewer Sam by Noxxa in 02:54.05
Uzebox Y [3476]Uzebox B.C. Dash by Noxxa in 01:09.75
ZXS Y [3774]ZXS Castlevania: Spectral Interlude "100%" by Noxxa in 34:33.12
O2 Y [4433]O2 AMOK! by Noxxa in 02:24.55

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