List of movies under 6 rating (223 movies).
[230]SNES The Combatribes "2 players" by Phil, Genisto in 13:08.073.0331481490468587108
[363]NES Rad Racer by Saturn in 21:55.983.5275000035275000035
[1845]NES The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle "Special Levels" by Brandon in 04:15.383.8942477878863184274
[1737]SMS Dragon Crystal by Synahel in 01:18.204.0173469390419668887
[288]SNES Lagoon by OmnipotentEntity in 1:08:32.684.1563157894736842105
[1061]SMS Wonder Boy by AngerFist in 43:05.024.2232404154872518013
[546]Genesis Toki: Going Ape Spit by Highness in 28:25.374.2725551331404707692
[1519]Vboy Teleroboxer by Ryuto in 05:40.424.3009856597103715821
[708]NES Skate or Die 2: The Search for Double Trouble by JXQ in 10:27.334.3241666669068981481
[2118]A2600 E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial by adelikat, Cardboard in 00:25.254.3371838292083937593
[2117]Arcade Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters "Search for Wily!, 2 players" by Marx in 04:48.054.4660000000000000000
[1501]SMS Phantasy Star by nfq in 2:17:37.974.4662500000000000000
[1436]GBC Rayman by CtrlAltDestroy in 28:01.674.5026968716289104639
[1403]GB Little Master by Ryuto in 05:35.374.5250000000000000000
[1813]NES The Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle by Brandon in 40:50.614.5319488820352815687
[1646]SNES Romancing SaGa 2 by knbnitkr in 1:08:30.854.5464285714285714285
[1542]Vboy Red Alarm by Ryuto in 14:07.544.6055555555555555555
[1573]NES Hook by GlitchMan in 23:19.644.6215717120747684050
[1672]GBC Mission: Impossible by Randil in 10:34.624.6275105457989431057
[1605]NES Lagrange Point by neo_omegon in 1:03:25.104.6850000000000000000
[1382]GBC Gex 3: Deep Pocket Gecko by mmbossman in 27:22.704.6910000004691000000
[1674]MSX Rambo by NitroGenesis in 01:39.644.7382416485943558119
[1866]NES Adventure Island II by red-crowned-crane, hellagels in 22:22.414.7780346821913996458
[1956]NES Ghostbusters by MESHUGGAH in 01:34.344.7865079365079365079
[1367]GB Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru by Ryuto in 1:27:43.304.7937500047937500048
[2047]SNES Chrono Trigger "save glitch" by turska, inichi in 03:28.064.7938018062903564706
[713]Genesis Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom by Acmlm in 1:37:55.984.8224529661134354825
[1826]Genesis Bible Adventures "Baby Moses" by Aglar in 02:00.374.8434426232684224670
[760]NES Hydlide by Inzult in 09:07.324.8621380491413331320
[451]NES Ice Climber "2 players" by Walker Boh in 19:12.604.8750853118662579012
[1155]NES Battle Formula: Super Spy Hunter by adelikat, Randil in 23:38.424.8883646161877348409
[735]NES Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti by Diman in 16:56.974.8970588241055363322
[1117]GBC John Romero's Daikatana by Ferret Warlord in 36:40.594.9033198238841264403
[493]SNES Star Ocean by fuzi2 in 1:53:13.434.9089473684210526316
[1718]DOS Dangerous Dave by Ilari in 06:32.804.9286384980690868214
[2068]NES A Week of Garfield by goofydylan8 in 08:02.804.9446854973931233071
[1505]DS Rubik's World by Kumquat, alden in 01:20.234.9496368042216451993
[1599]Genesis Dungeons & Dragons: Warriors of the Eternal Sun by teh noj in 29:33.424.9500000000000000000
[1772]PSX Chocobo no Fushigi na Dungeon by sparky in 27:34.534.9500000000000000000
[980]NES Snow Bros. "2 players" by Randil in 13:56.854.9887500019955000007
[516]SNES F-Zero "first track" by Saturn in 02:22.034.9983228202162335078
[1012]Genesis Fatal Labyrinth by plusminus in 06:46.255.0000000020000000007
[1039]NES Tecmo Super Bowl "playaround" by adelikat in 11:05.025.0009721098741865116
[1191]SNES The Ninja Warriors by Sp00ky in 32:21.685.0040463524838989006
[1563]SNES Paladin's Quest by janus in 2:29:25.075.0150000000000000000
[1659]DOS Lada: The Ultimate Challenge by Ilari in 04:22.475.0440414511953609492
[1121]NES Adventures of Lolo 3 by Nitrodon in 1:07:19.175.0494463093518267333
[1084]Genesis The Immortal by Aqfaq in 10:32.925.0498901149954933029
[1050]GB Wizards & Warriors X: Fortress of Fear by Dacicus in 09:59.325.0625000002812500000
[1383]FDS Eggerland by adelikat in 36:58.985.0625000005062500000
[926]NES Mighty Bomb Jack "best ending" by hisatoki in 10:15.625.0658823553251211083
[1770]NES The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout by Bhezt Rhy in 26:18.505.1143750000000000000
[1384]Genesis Shadow of the Beast II by maTO in 06:33.335.1318181855504132258
[1306]GB Oddworld Adventures by applepieman in 09:07.885.1350000037345454572
[2014]SNES Clue by Deign in 00:26.505.1505462358928209245
[194]Genesis Bonanza Bros. "2 players" by SprintGod in 09:03.025.1673809553337414983
[1065]SGB Castlevania Legends "100%" by Sir VG in 24:16.405.1713858669031435842
[1034]NES StarTropics by Aglar in 1:01:26.305.1820588259680276827
[1572]SNES Top Gear 2 by Dooty in 11:50.625.1933419947763454282
[777]GBC Blaster Master: Enemy Below by Twisted Eye in 42:43.175.1944128475527005289
[1601]SMS Hokuto no Ken by arukAdo in 05:12.875.2135977340802831256
[1008]GB Kid Dracula by Sir VG in 19:10.835.2153125032595703145
[503]NES Deadly Towers by Luke in 15:20.275.2166904554893723085
[1481]NES Dragon Warrior III "item glitch" by dave_dfwm in 48:28.085.2170000000000000000
[1554]Genesis Skitchin' by Bobo the King in 16:18.655.2275000000000000000
[1228]NES High Speed by dwangoAC in 20:05.565.2464257050732293516
[1159]SMS Cyborg Hunter by Frenom in 10:02.335.2632500021053000008
[1021]NES The Addams Family by ventuz in 13:00.005.2795980370764150763
[1440]GB Ganso!! Yanchamaru "best ending" by MUGG in 08:49.385.2796517228431135641
[1921]DS Barbie in The 12 Dancing Princesses by AKheon in 29:49.945.2875000000000000000
[1192]NES Monster in My Pocket "2 players" by X2poet, dragonxyk in 14:14.975.3103715105235150576
[550]NES Quarth "2 players" by Acmlm in 01:01.455.3209925993457106458
[1079]Genesis Garfield: Caught in the Act by emu in 18:31.685.3227500021291000008
[1355]SNES Ultima: The False Prophet by ketomei in 07:56.075.3280948900371524181
[2084]GB The Addams Family "warp glitch" by NitroGenesis in 01:35.785.3408602152260492542
[1890]GB Knight Quest by DarkKobold in 23:22.735.3416666666666666666
[1407]NES Elevator Action by Brushy in 06:57.465.3563647662523977547
[879]Genesis The Humans by Aqfaq in 43:19.225.3610727774006788620
[1515]Genesis Ex-Mutants by maTO in 10:11.235.3633333333333333333
[566]GBC Déjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding "Case Book 2" by Randil in 10:05.005.3650000033531250021
[1177]SMS King's Quest: Quest for the Crown by BZero in 02:58.875.3698890885474161265
[1751]SNES Pilotwings by tall in 20:08.975.3726423586543830174
[833]NES Adventure Island 3 by ECCO in 18:44.955.3734052873657649037
[1102]Genesis Magical Taruruuto-Kun by Aqfaq in 15:12.225.3767079109362790001
[1529]SNES Bobby's World by Kyman in 10:12.605.3905465449459210125
[495]NES Solar Jetman: Hunt for the Golden Warpship by Blublu in 23:04.425.3918296407718857922
[1998]NES Double Moon Densetsu by TaoTao in 19:50.345.4000000000000000000
[1624]SNES The 7th Saga by Kirkq & Nitrodon in 1:50:17.435.4060150380004522585
[1048]NES Circus Charlie by Randil in 03:24.055.4117591513568427719
[1152]NES Uninvited by Randil in 08:09.785.4142156882081582640
[1859]NES Urban Champion by t3h Icy in 00:26.975.4504206632981298776
[854]NES Might and Magic: Secret of the Inner Sanctum "item glitch" by Dammit in 08:06.915.4527500021811000008
[1397]SNES Romancing SaGa "game end glitch" by knbnitkr in 02:14.775.4534501480431681956
[1658]GB Mortal Kombat II "playaround" by AKheon in 09:04.225.4582938097263981424
[942]SNES Final Fantasy V by samurai goroh in 3:34:41.075.4584112949950483353
[774]NES Jaws by adelikat in 03:36.485.4672634189746573060
[529]NES The Little Mermaid, Disney's by AnS in 06:48.405.4746160435734908261
[1025]Genesis Beavis and Butt-Head "2 players" by adelikat in 09:27.035.4752272734738946281
[1459]N64 Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon by zggzdydp in 2:04:49.355.4803253755732511650
[1447]PCE Ninja Spirit by arukAdo in 09:40.905.4905000000000000000
[744]NES Nightshade by Maximus in 08:27.675.4964705908218685133
[1730]NES Final Fantasy III by pirohiko in 39:37.275.5064377685712022694
[1661]GB Final Fantasy Legend II by knbnitkr in 29:55.575.5083333333333333333
[1249]SMS The Lucky Dime Caper Starring Donald Duck by ShinyDoofy in 20:09.885.5159726704436101375
[339]SNES Zombies Ate My Neighbors "all victims saved" by Walker Boh in 59:14.875.5175705714255401373
[1664]SNES Romancing SaGa 3 by knbnitkr in 21:59.655.5208333333333333333
[1143]NES Wacky Races by X2poet in 18:49.855.5288235320135640150
[220]Genesis Flashback: The Quest for Identity by nifboy in 23:54.575.5325000034046153867
[1673]NES Mendel Palace "2 players" by DarkKobold in 19:02.975.5368783404293867198
[293]NES The Adventures of Rad Gravity by Blublu in 16:47.685.5414705908430449839
[1630]Genesis B.O.B. by Toothache in 52:57.855.5505000000000000000
[988]NES The Adventures of Bayou Billy by Xipo in 17:14.105.5529187794153769247
[1193]Genesis Prince of Persia by Aqfaq in 19:03.485.5598432084632494560
[1612]GBC Konami GB Collection Vol. 1: Castlevania - The Adventure by arukAdo in 14:58.705.5668711656441717791
[1648]PSX Chocobo Racing by sparky in 27:12.025.5783333333333333333
[1975]Arcade The King of Fighters 2001 "playaround" by X2poet in 07:12.255.5810772713982572833
[1562]SNES The Incredible Hulk by Dooty in 12:18.485.5840000000000000000
[1489]SGB Donkey Kong Land 2 "100%" by legoking831 in 57:09.825.5971098267190083196
[481]Genesis Cadash "1 player" by nifboy in 21:55.235.6110000022444000009
[1460]PCECD Kaze Kiri: Ninja Action by arukAdo in 15:31.625.6150000000000000000
[1584]NES Action 52: The Cheetahmen by Swordless Link in 03:56.065.6163905719373202433
[1986]NES Quattro Adventure: Treasure Island Dizzy "100%" by goofydylan8 in 13:40.035.6187500000000000000
[1729]GBC RoboCop by AKheon in 11:04.785.6207142857142857142
[1522]PSX Salary Man Champ: Tatakau Salary Man "1 player" by mz in 18:09.805.6231325308821484113
[1426]NES Pizza Pop! by Randil in 09:34.295.6271428571428571429
[430]NES Zoda's Revenge: StarTropics II by Sami in 1:01:00.905.6311111114239506172
[2031]GBC Dragon Warrior Monsters by tetora_X in 30:36.725.6350000000000000000
[1802]PSX Tomb Raider Chronicles by Wyster in 1:19:35.635.6389380534965619860
[484]NES Fist of the North Star by -ziplock- in 07:47.225.6423076980120033869
[1809]MSX The Treasure of Uşas by zggzdydp in 37:11.445.6458333333333333333
[372]SNES Out to Lunch by nitsuja in 15:42.805.6485294144228373715
[1821]NES Nuts & Milk "100%" by klmz in 14:06.075.6550000000000000000
[422]SNES Super Street Fighter II "Ken" by Saturn in 11:32.435.6620782496690271889
[1789]NES Yume Penguin Monogatari by Yunshui, X2poet in 09:49.005.6666666666666666666
[847]NES Conquest of the Crystal Palace by arkiandruski in 11:18.755.6679166666666666667
[1719]NES Linus Spacehead's Cosmic Crusade by Bag of Magic Food in 28:43.595.6683333333333333333
[1754]GBA Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! by errror1 in 04:19.855.6718446601941747573
[2101]GBA Monster House by jlun2 in 10:56.885.6741935485701352757
[1339]Genesis Jewel Master by arkiandruski in 09:40.285.6777604011910299037
[1343]Genesis Shining in the Darkness by DarkKobold in 43:27.205.6843931791072432600
[1593]SNES Breath of Fire II "best ending" by janus in 4:48:14.855.6850000000000000000
[874]SNES The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey and Minnie "2 players" by jaysmad in 19:03.975.6897058850304498282
[1634]DOS Epic Pinball "Super Android" by dwangoAC in 05:07.535.6930894308943089430
[1677]PCE Vigilante by Sonikkustar in 05:44.405.7046025109137550113
[1961]NES Legend of the Ghost Lion by link_7777 in 36:53.795.7083333333333333333
[896]NES Youkai Douchuuki by Randil in 13:11.355.7097222225394290123
[564]GBC Pokémon: Gold Version by FractalFusion in 2:54:27.155.7125180581841914972
[1647]DOS SkyRoads by Ilari in 15:53.275.7170984460698112701
[1798]SNES Spanky's Quest by FFGamer86 in 23:32.785.7250534368320395995
[1018]Genesis James Pond 3: Operation Starfish "best ending" by Flip in 33:50.625.7278437438053177838
[1884]NES Solitaire by FractalFusion in 00:42.805.7284292891447625324
[1670]PSX Chocobo Racing "Invincible, time attack" by sparky in 12:48.635.7329479770111664272
[1568]GB Bubble Ghost by MUGG in 04:41.075.7385527823729232333
[905]NES Dizzy the Adventurer by alden in 07:49.675.7409498829794327781
[1795]NES Solomon's Key "best ending" by agwawaf in 25:09.585.7416666666666666666
[1268]NES Adventures of Lolo by Baxter & Zugzwang in 22:24.695.7439888220698690578
[1915]NES Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Taito) by MESHUGGAH, Randil in 02:57.565.7481865289739429246
[1671]GBC Wendy: Every Witch Way by Kumquat in 17:47.285.7505000000000000000
[1173]GBA Naruto: Ninja Council by Cardboard in 11:04.305.7610826426154928640
[1941]NES Kickle Cubicle by goofydylan8, Blublu in 59:48.315.7666666666666666666
[1804]GB Tiny Toon Adventures: Babs' Big Break by X2poet in 15:23.205.7716666666666666666
[1294]SNES Wario's Woods "Time Race" by DonamerDragon in 16:33.335.7727272769256198377
[862]Genesis Pulseman "no motion glitch" by IdeaMagnate in 33:57.155.7733791482429847829
[935]GBA Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell by FractalFusion in 36:04.705.7736956541821550102
[1005]Genesis Blaster Master 2 by JXQ in 25:29.225.7809523842557823148
[922]NES Choujin Sentai Jetman by AnS in 09:23.955.7812259393670191088
[1782]SGB Mole Mania "all levels" by Ryuto in 1:09:13.485.7850000000000000000
[834]SNES Vegas Stakes by hero of the day in 03:30.935.7872530949939849171
[1517]NES Destiny of an Emperor by Acmlm in 1:21:09.615.7891666666666666666
[1040]NES Panic Restaurant by Aglar in 13:29.175.7897368421052631579
[1486]Genesis Marko's Magic Football by maTO in 10:50.405.7933333333333333333
[940]NES Adventures of Lolo 2 by hanzou in 23:31.525.7940815930388458666
[1157]SNES Super R-Type by dave_dfwm in 17:29.435.8018154022483255988
[557]NES Milon's Secret Castle by hisatoki in 05:28.435.8055769288825000057
[1289]PSX Resident Evil 3: Nemesis "best ending" by arukAdo in 1:07:25.525.8136317227455520017
[1663]GBA Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced by wwmarx in 34:19.835.8140810740096511265
[1086]NES Mickey Mouse 3: Yume Fuusen by mz in 13:09.925.8149989733672943627
[1003]SNES U.N. Squadron by georgexi in 18:33.275.8173809557051700699
[2060]Genesis Batman Forever "2 players" by Keirden in 15:27.025.8225806453491155046
[1178]NES RoboCop 3 by dragonxyk in 05:09.825.8244263090238276032
[820]NES Sword Master by ventuz in 05:26.885.8302941203907266448
[1896]SMS Kenseiden by Jungon in 05:16.325.8309866878210316080
[1494]NES Rolling Thunder by Randil in 10:59.555.8427825406545553514
[953]NES Kid Niki 2 by Randil in 09:05.985.8429411792202076137
[1305]SegaCD Heart of the Alien by Aqfaq in 05:19.035.8429478982485406691
[1374]GG Tails' Skypatrol by Kumquat in 06:53.375.8444171779141104294
[808]N64 Gex 64: Enter the Gecko by Mukki in 49:59.935.8447625357911832295
[1881]SMS Kenseiden "100%" by Jungon in 13:02.555.8470588235294117647
[502]NES Prince of Persia by SprintGod in 16:27.825.8572349989619623010
[1317]Genesis Madou Monogatari I by Aqfaq in 15:29.055.8620659399924183128
[303]NES Metal Storm by TheAxeMan in 12:54.235.8685714319248979610
[1490]Genesis The Terminator by Nisto in 05:20.885.8699604743083003953
[369]NES Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight by nesrocks in 17:39.985.8807142890746938794
[1433]PCECD Double Dragon II: The Revenge "2 players" by arukAdo in 11:57.735.9010000005901000000
[1302]NES EarthBound Beginnings by Nitrodon in 47:56.085.9184615421036686412
[334]NES Super Pitfall by Arc in 06:20.225.9252000033181120018
[535]SNES Soul Blazer by Kaz in 1:46:55.735.9302087809535394786
[1190]N64 Super Smash Bros. "playaround" by Blaze in 08:19.675.9383741967985257376
[1885]GB Kung-Fu Master by MUGG in 03:29.085.9398496245067556108
[798]SNES Daffy Duck: The Marvin Missions by Gunty in 12:56.505.9435000023774000009
[1422]NES Dragon's Lair by Kirkq in 03:53.605.9435872741606890301
[531]NES Wrath of the Black Manta by adelikat in 10:17.225.9440000000000000000
[2045]NES Kanshakudama-nage Kantarou no Toukaidou Gojuusan-tsugi by goofydylan8 in 08:31.175.9450000000000000000
[931]NES Dragon Warrior III by dave_dfwm in 1:50:25.275.9476398134633868499
[595]NES The Legend of Kage by Bisqwit in 05:36.415.9496000033317760018
[1369]GBC Speedy Gonzales: Aztec Adventure by adelikat & JXQ in 30:25.795.9515000005951500000
[1060]SMS Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap by AngerFist, OgreSlayeR in 31:08.375.9531578947368421053
[957]N64 Duke Nukem 64 by Mitjitsu in 11:58.875.9582674618802161745
[1324]NES Takeshi no Chousenjou "warp glitch" by FractalFusion in 03:53.585.9612808383504594631
[1657]PSX Star Wars Episode I: Jedi Power Battles by DarkKobold in 46:31.185.9632389468455042226
[1964]GBA Densetsu no Stafy "demo glitch" by jlun2 in 03:32.455.9646017703337771165
[2033]GB Gargoyle's Quest: Ghosts'n Goblins "no zips" by Jigwally in 22:38.725.9698113207547169811
[1456]Genesis Bubba 'n' Stix by maTO in 13:49.985.9700000000000000000
[1874]GBC SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula by CoolKirby, NitroGenesis & jlun2 in 06:02.375.9700000000000000000
[1309]PCE Keith Courage in Alpha Zones by Sp00ky in 16:17.305.9700000004975000000
[1432]SGX Madou King Granzort by arukAdo in 08:46.075.9775000005977500000
[1137]NES Pipe Dream by Explosion Pills in 03:57.535.9793103489512485165
[999]NES G.I. Joe by Xipo in 16:49.605.9833054549968329957
[1414]GB Minesweeper by Ryuto in 00:29.655.9883367157714779114
[533]NES Dragon Warrior II by TheAxeMan in 46:25.005.9933333336662962963
[1100]SNES Mr. Nutz by DaTeL237 in 29:27.275.9953125037470703148
[1379]Genesis Shadow of the Beast by maTO in 11:56.905.9956792369735510818
[1927]MSX Invasion of the Zombie Monsters by scrimpeh in 04:15.315.9992063492063492063

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