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ent utilisés. * [Movie Rules|Règles des TAS]: Les runs soumises
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
ASen zu lernen. * [Movie Rules|Regeln für Filme]: Eingereichte Runs
ld contain __one__ [MovieRules|valid] movie file and noth
te, as told in the [MovieRules]. ----
re you've read the [Movie Rules] before submitting.
wed — refer to the [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e exception to the [MovieRules|site's rules]. Further improveme
wed — refer to the [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
ept demo than as a [MovieRules|rule-conforming] TAS. This beats th
oncept demo than a [MovieRules|rule-conforming] TAS. This beats th
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
Please review the [MovieRules] before submitting a
s site is about on [=MovieRules.html|Rules] and [Guidelines] an
e [guidelines] and [=MovieRules.html|rules] if you want to know
at. Please see the [=MovieRules.html|rules], under the heading
the various [FAQ], [=MovieRules.html|Rules], [Guidelines] and o
records. And the [=MovieRules.html|Rules]: > A speed-oriente
the [Guidelines], [=MovieRules.html|Rules] and other stuff in
sionInstructions], [=MovieRules.html|Rules], and [Guidelines] t
ance of the site's [MovieRules] and [Guidelines], t
here is an overdue [Movie Rules] update regarding U
s. Please read the [MovieRules|rules] and [Guidelines|gui
ваемые вопросы. * [Movie Rules|Правила для мувиков]: отправляемые на са
ally can't justify [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|breaking a rule for it.] The decision to sta
n doesn't meet our [MovieRules|rules and regulations]. Specifically, *
s explained in the [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|rules]. There are conceiva
en is specifically [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|listed] as a bad reason to
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
fiable, this movie [MovieRules|cannot be submitted at TASVideos]. !! Status *
records. And the [=MovieRules.html|Rules]: > A speed-oriente
n, please read the [Movie Rules] and [Guidelines] fo
from new users. * [Movie Rules] - When making movie
er:adelikat]: The [Movie Rules] say: «« Movies of
AQ]:よくある質問への回答。 * [MovieRules|ムービーのルール]:投稿された作品は通常はこれらのルールに
quired to read the [Movie Rules]. You will note that
ubmissions need to [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|complete the game], not just perform s
Quote from the [MovieRules|Rules]: Use the (U) versi
e sure to read the [Movie Rules] before [Subs-List|s
wed — refer to the [MovieRules|rules] to see the reasons.
h. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
hose respecter les [Movie Rules|règles]. Les utilisateurs s
тва в память игры, [Movie Rules|сообщество TASVideos может не принять его]. ! Вы изменили нас
ны соответствовать [Movie Rules|Правилам для мувиков]. Многократные попыт
. According to our [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|endless game rules], if there is a set
e breaks the rule, [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|that doesn't make it acceptable for runs going forward]. As such, reject
oncept demo than a [MovieRules|rule-conforming] TAS. This beats th
e states. See the [MovieRules|Rules] for more informatio
olates the rule to [MovieRules#PlayGamesThatAreEmulatedWell|only play games that are emulated well]), so I'm afraid I'm
n mind though that [MovieRules#GameplayMustBeAccurateToHardware|PC game environment must be legitimate]. If your modificati
mind our rules on [MovieRules#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|the PC game environment]. If the CPU affects
un must sync on an [MovieRules#UseAnOfficialEmulatorVersion|official emulator version] or it will not be a
un must sync on an [MovieRules#UseAnOfficialEmulatorVersion|official emulator version] or it will not be a
er, per the site's [MovieRules|movie rules], time gained throug
SRAM; refer to the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|Movie Rules] for more details.
wed — refer to the [MovieRules|rules] to see the reasons.
it is subject to a [MovieRules|higher level of scrutiny] than other runs.
: According to the [MovieRules|site rules], switching from U v
rtaining TASes. * [MovieRules#Standard|Applicable Movie Rules]. !! Entertainmen
TAS literature. * [MovieRules#Moons|Applicable Movie Rules]. !! Technical re
ame, without using [MovieRules#FullCompletionCriteriaMustBeReachedThroughInGameActionsOnly|glitches that trivialize this]. * __[MovieTagGuid
irty SRAM; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|rules] for more details.
fy here: Normally, [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersionOfAGame|regional differences aren't taken into account when judging movies]. This allows for th
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
wed — refer to the [MovieRules|rules] to see the reasons.
hly recommended by [=MovieRules.html|the rules of the site]. Here is a VBA-r
poor reception and [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|the rules regarding password usage], I cannot accept th
r correctly noted, [=MovieRules.html#Vault_2|Movie Rules for Vault] require for differe
notability. Our [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtc|movie rules] are much more stric
Please read the [MovieRules|movie rules] before making anoth
L hardware. The [MovieRules#RegionSettingsMustBeCorrect|rules clearly state] that the emulator a
ay back correctly, [Movie Rules|TASVideos cannot accept your movie]. ! You changed the
ot allow movies to [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|skip to the end of the game with a password]. Also, as shown by
: According to the [MovieRules|Movie Rules] specific for Game B
me time due to the [Movie Rules] page not being upda
aks several of our [MovieRules|movie rules]: 1) [MovieRules#
ovie rules]: 1) [MovieRules#ToolsThatManipulateRomOrRamEGGameGenieCodesAreNotAllowed|ROM/RAM Manipulation are not allowed] Any external too
s as a hack. 2) [MovieRules#MovieMustBeReproducible|The movie is not reproducible] Even if we allow
ithout them. 3) [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtc|The hack is not of high quality] Because of the u
n violation of the [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|various] [MovieRules#NoRando
redMovies|various] [MovieRules#NoRandomizedOrUnverifiedCustomInitialRamState|rules]. Rejecting.
n the site we have [MovieRules|movie rules]. Important for this
owed; refer to the [MovieRules|rules] to see why.
BA remake) and our [MovieRules|rules] regarding fan trans
BA remake) and our [MovieRules|rules] regarding fan trans
s site. __Read the [MovieRules|Movie Rules]__ if you haven't al
s forbidden by the [=MovieRules.html#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Movie Rules]. I also have to not
ovie must meet our [MovieRules|Movie Rules]. The submission for
homebrew games, we [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|require] the game chosen to
. Our rules are at [MovieRules], and are not that o
should meet the __[Movie Rules]__, even if the publ
e|game] and on the [MovieRules#MovieGoals|goal]. For moons, it’s
y dependent on the [MovieRules#GameMustBeAcceptable|game] and on the [MovieRu
ugh walls is not a [=MovieRules.html#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|high quality hack] and does not fit th
ry important rule: [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|"A speed-oriented movie must beat all existing records"]. Because [=userfile
ies that break the [movie rules]. * Judge movies in
or movie analysis: [Movie Rules], [Guidelines]. * F
keep repeating can [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|still have a defined completion point according to our rules]. The mechanics of t
bmitted movie, but [MovieRules#PostCompletionInput|there are conditions] under which such ex
per oversight, and [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|not a cheat code or a password] that's subtly enter
anese version (the [MovieRules|rules] of the TASvideos si
not it follows the [Movie Rules], what [Class] the m
difications of the [movie rules]. ** Collecting and
Related Links * [MovieRules] * Sub pages, see b
. According to the [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|Movie Rules], a submission must
ing section in our [=MovieRules.html#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|Movie Rules]. For a ROM hack
the game which is [=MovieRules.html#UseTheCorrectVersion|highly discouraged]. Despite all this,
ee if this game is [=MovieRules.html#Vault|eligible for Vault tier]. From watching this
that they meet our [=MovieRules.html#FullCompletionRules|full-completion rules]. Since the amount o
e disk swapping to [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeIntegral|insert external images] that may not belong
es in movie files. [MovieRules#DesmumeMovies|We now request runs using microphone use this release from here on.] Accepting to Moo
is not affected, I [MovieRules#JpcRrMoviesDosCpuFrequencyRestrictions|set the CPU Divider to 1 to speed up loading times and reduce unnecessary delay]. ---- [user:
rom looking at the [MovieRules#NtscVsPalUsaJapanVsEurope|rules] and from [6141S|pre
that regulates the [=MovieRules.html#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|PC game environment] (DOS, Windows, Linu
eos] | Resulted in [MovieRules#MaximumPoints|allowing "maximum points" for Vault] as a replacement fo
read carefully our [MovieRules|Movie Rules]. If you're unsure t
er:slamo]: We have [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|special rules] for games without a
ed saves. Read the [=MovieRules.html#2|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read our [=MovieRules.html#2|rules] to see our reasons.
ersion change, the [MovieRules#the_rom_must_be_good_|Rules] page states the fol
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
ng hard times with [MovieRules#GamesMustBeReal|random SMB hacks]. ---- [user:ade
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
, which breaks the [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|Rules]. Rejecting.
, which breaks the [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|Rules]. Rejecting. [use
rd] after reading [MovieRules#toc8|the rules] again.%%% Then you
e. Please read our [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
: 1) It breaks the [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|Rules], as it uses the PAL
sman]: Quoting the [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|Rules]: "A speed-oriented
s is stated in the [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|rules], since this movie d
e time to read our [MovieRules|Rules] and [FAQ|FAQs].
re submitting. The [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|rules state that the movie must be good] and beyond that to
and beyond that to [MovieRules#MovieSTechnicalQualityMustBeAcceptable|not be lazy, for we will try to beat your movie]. [=forum/p/475234#4
ectly applying the [MovieRules|Movie Rules] or the [JudgeGuidel
ectly applying the [MovieRules|Movie Rules] or the [JudgeGuidel
ectly applying the [MovieRules|Movie Rules] or the [JudgeGuidel
ccordance with the [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|rules]. Accepting to Va
f the movie rules: [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|Use the Correct Version] and [MovieRules#Nts
rrect Version] and [MovieRules#NtscVsPalUsaJapanVsEurope|NTSC vs. PAL]. Unfortunately,
ead this rule too: [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|Movie Must Be Good]. For those reaso
g. Please read the [MovieRules|movie rules] for the future.
ducational game by [MovieRules#NoBoardGamesGameShowGamesOrPrimarilyEducationalGames|our rules]. A very minimal amo
der Melee to be an [MovieRules#GamesWithAdditionalLevelSetsOrGames|individual game] because it's indepe
hese choices to be [MovieRules#Vault_2|separate game modes] because the opponen
score" movie must [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|complete the game]. Playing beyond the
more information: [MovieRules#GameMustBeReal|Game Must Be Real]. Cancelling.
you understand our [MovieRules|Movie Rules].
y either. Read the [MovieRules#MovieGoals|rules] for further informa
which breaks this [MovieRules#GameMustBeAcceptable|important rule]. Rejecting.
Take a look at our [MovieRules|Movie Rules], especially the par
les in the future: [=MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|Movie must be good], [=MovieRules#Movie
vie must be good], [=MovieRules#MovieGoals|Movie Goals] In addition, pleas
ule that a movie __[MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|must beat all existing records]__. Also, the goa
requirement that __[MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|a movie must be complete]__. As you can see f
y go against basic [MovieRules|movie rules] (such as that a mov
ired to follow the [Movie Rules]. Users repeatedly s
ch as that a movie [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|must beat the game], and [=MovieRules.h
eat the game], and [=MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|must beat existing records]). There's a gene
carefully read our [MovieRules|Movie Rules] (Japanese version [
on the grounds of [=MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|failing to beat existing records]. However, based on
ails to follow the [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeProperlyAttributed|rules on attributing movies] - in particular: ''
y allowed; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|Movie Rules] for more on this. -
he game, as stated [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|here]. Additionally, we d
meet the rules on [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|full completion] because it is merel
o make it meet the [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|criteria for games without clear endings]. The other modes ar
seems contrary to [MovieRules#FullCompletionCriteriaMustBeReachedThroughInGameActionsOnly|the rules on full completion]. Personally, I do n
rly be against the [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|movie rules which bans cheats and debug codes]. But let's dig a bi
it's technically a [=MovieRules.html#NoBoardGamesGameShowGamesOrPrimarilyEducationalGames|board game]. For this reason, r
y stands, the site [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|requires runs of game hacks to qualify for the Moons tier] in order to be publ
ted into Moons. [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Our rules state that cheat codes are not allowed.] This is not a stric
o hit a score cap, [MovieRules#MaximumPoints|which is not considered full completion] and therefore isn't
itted here need to [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|beat all records] and not have obviou
yourself with the [MovieRules|movie rules in its entirety]. Canceling.
nd you to read our [MovieRules|Movie Rules], in order to unders
d it's not knowing [MovieRules|our rules]. Unfortunately, thi
ted out]... !!! [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|The movie must be complete] ''"It must beat
t again]... !!! [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Cheats, debugging codes, and arcade continues are not allowed] ''"This includes
acceptable. !!! [MovieRules#MovieGoals|Movie goals] ''"Esoteric and
oal choice. !!! [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|The movie must be good] I've left this s
to even match it. [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|Speed oriented submissions must beat all existing records]. You have clearly n
TASVideos we have [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|a rule that movies must complete the game]. This run does not
second controller. [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Debug commands are not allowed]. Rejecting.
a Vault run. Under [MovieRules#Vault_2|our current ruleset for Vault]... "A movie that
begin with, as we [MovieRules#Vault_2|explicitly disallow SRAM] and cheats are real
rize yourself with [MovieRules|all of our movie rules], and you should not
e. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
onus, we have some [MovieRules|nice rules] on this [http://tas
ce site]. It has a [MovieRules#SportsGamesAreAllowedUnderRestrictions|nice section] specifically dedica
y allowed; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|Movie Rules] for more on this. -
y allowed; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|Movie Rules] for more on this.
ding to the rules, [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|difficulty doesn't count as content only if it rises indefinitely]. Most people seemed
ging in light of a [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|rule change regarding difficulty in looping games]. [user:Samsara]:
kind of game, our [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|Movie Rules] require to complete
be noted that our [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|Movie Rules] are applied even if
ent changes to the [=MovieRules.html#GamesWithoutClearEnding|rule for endless games], I un-reject this s
ng to the recently [=MovieRules.html#GamesWithoutClearEnding|revised rule] for endless games,
r external cheats: [MovieRules#ToolsThatManipulateRomOrRamEGGameGenieCodesAreNotAllowed]. But a cheat code i
oncept demo than a [MovieRules|rule-conforming] TAS. This beats th
nced, it does not. [MovieRules#UseAnOfficialEmulatorVersion|Per the movie rules], rejecting. [use
is just feels like [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|it breaks the "No Cheats" rule], as it makes the ga
mally a fan of the [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|notability clause] in our rules, the n
ed without hacking [MovieRules#MovieMustBeTechnicallySound|the rules against interim builds]. He's busy right no
, why not read the [MovieRules|full movie rules]? Once you're finish
y allowed; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|Movie Rules] for more on this.
movie violates our [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Movie Rules]. Cheats are not all
ms fine. In the [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|movie rules] there is a line sta
e. Please read the [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|rules] to see our reasons.
though we normally [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|don't allow save anchored movies], it's acceptable if
the RTA rules, but [MovieRules|our rules] are stricter, becau
t a major flaw, it [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|should have also been avoided in the first place], because that recor
guarantee it'd be [MovieRules#Moons_2|entertaining enough for Moons]. And if it isn't, w
ire the authors to [MovieRules#UseMovieAnnotationsToProvideInstallationInstructions|provide installation instructions]. Since inbuilt movi
cord, which breaks [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|another one of our Movie Rules]. This could have be
movie is mentioned [MovieRules#Moons_2|in the Rules], how goals relate t
o strictly limited [MovieRules#MovieGoals|goal choices] to be published: it
[Judge Guidelines] [MovieRules] [Guidelines] [/Home
thin the bounds of [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|full completion rules], of course). With t
mulation and tools [=MovieRules.html#PlayGamesThatAreEmulatedWell|work to reasonable extent], movies using the e
it adheres to the [=/MovieRules.html#GamesWithoutClearEnding|movie rules for game ending for endless games], by ending when no
y allowed; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|Movie Rules] for more on this.
ge guidelines] and [movie rules], and not be influen
to learn TASing * [Movie Rules]: runs submitted her
ceptable ending by [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|our definition for games without an ending].
e end]. [feos]: [MovieRules#MovieMustBeTechnicallySound|Movie Rules about optimality] say: > If you're
[feos]: Trimmed [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|blank input at the end]. [feos]: [MovieR
* Movie file with [MovieRules#PostCompletionInput|name entry] at the end for enco
ce table. Reflects [MovieRules|movie rules] active prior to the
t ending point for [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|games with no clear ending]. [=forum/p/37789
OTE Movie Rules __[MovieRules#MovieShouldNotBePainfulToWatch|The movie should not be painful to watch]__ %%% If a movie h
OTE Movie Rules __[MovieRules#MaximumPoints|Maximum points]__ %%% * Saturation
OTE Movie Rules __[MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|Games without clear ending]__ %%% * All unique
OTE Movie Rules __[MovieRules#MovieSTechnicalQualityMustBeAcceptable|The movie's technical quality must be acceptable]__ %%% Don't be laz
OTE Movie Rules __[MovieRules#MustBeClearlyDefinableAsAGameWhichHasAchievableGoals|Must be clearly definable as a game, which has achievable goals]__ %%% The game-pla
m ! Result * [Movie Rules] - Whether your movi
d. Please refer to [MovieRules|the rules] for more details.
! Ergebnis * [Movie Rules|Film Regeln] - Ob es dein Film w
- [user:Samsara]: [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|We do not allow runs with Game Genie codes]. Cancelling. As Spi
que quebram nossas [Movie Rules|regras].%%% Preferimos ''m
de acordo com as __[movie rules|regras para movies]__ e com as __[guide
Nossa página de [Movie Rules|regras de movies] lista todas os form
eça um link para o [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|o movie de verificação]. ** Não aplicável
s disso, leia as __[movie rules|regras de submissão]__ e se elas não res
h. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
Videos we like our [MovieRules#Moons|goals to be clear and definite.] Goals like maximum
vies should end on [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|last decisive action]. [user:feos]: So
mitted in light of [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|a recent rules change] regarding games whi
ifficulty loops in [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|games without an ending], but this submissio
llows playing to a [=MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|clear ending point].
e. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
мувики, нарушающие [Movie Rules|правилам для мувиков].%%% Мы предпочитае
тветствует нашим __[movie rules|правилам для мувиков]__, а также __[guide
ком На странице [Movie Rules|правил для мувиков] перечислены все доп
осьба предоставить [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|проверочный мувик]. **Касается не все
того перечитайте __[movie rules|правила для мувиков]__, и если это не ре
oals we accept. * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|Your movie must beat the game.] If your game does n
o be optimized. * [MovieRules#Standard|Your goal must be meaningful.] Check below for det
sing a game...] * [MovieRules#GameplayMustBeAccurateToHardware|Your ROM must be good.] Always use perfect
chosen game. !! [MovieRules#GameAndGoalChoice|When choosing a game...] * [MovieRules#Game
ative endpoint. * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeTechnicallySound|Your TAS must be reasonably optimized.] It should beat or m
equirements. !! [MovieRules#GameplayMustBeAccurateToHardware|Before Starting...] * Use an official
of movie violates [=MovieRules#CheatKeyAndDebuggingCodeAreNotAllowed|this rule]. If we were to view
phone audio input, [MovieRules#DesmumeMovies|all the required audio data must be embedded into the movie]. For that purpose,
ant changes to the [MovieRules|Movie Rules] over the course of
Standard if it's a [MovieRules#WeAllowPlayingUnlockableContentUsingInGamePasswords|built-in hard mode]. * If the game has
goal to Standard: [MovieRules#ForgoingMajorSkipGlitch|Forgoes Major Skip Glitch]. If a run fits the
ubmission text. * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeProperlyAttributed|Your movie should be your work.] Plagiarism is not t
two of the rules: [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|the movie must be complete], and [MovieRules#Pl
be complete], and [MovieRules#PlayGamesThatAreEmulatedWell|play games that are emulated well]. This is extremely
- Rejecting due to [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|clear violation of site rules] (no skipping to the
a published movie, [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|must beat all known records]. This run fails to
ich is against the [MovieRules|rules].
learly against the [MovieRules|rules], and no justificati
if available. See: [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|Movie Rules - Use the correct version] * The movie also h
eaks the rule that [MovieRules#RegionSettingsMustBeCorrect|the region settings must be correct] * This game can be
ion, in most cases [=MovieRules.html#UseTheCorrectVersion|the NTSC-USA version is preferred] as per the movie ru
t, please read the [MovieRules] and [Guidelines] ag
, which breaks the [MovieRules#UseAnOfficialEmulatorVersion|movie rules]. Thanks, saves me t
most likely has a [MovieRules#RegionSettingsMustBeCorrect|region settings] issue. [user:Nox
ns that this movie [MovieRules#RegionSettingsMustBeCorrect|breaks the rules about recording with the correct region settings], and as such this r
t blatantly broken [=MovieRules.html#ToolsThatManipulateRomOrRamEGGameGenieCodesAreNotAllowed|movie] [=MovieRules.html#C
eNotAllowed|movie] [=MovieRules.html#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|rules] about the usage of
Please read the [Movie Rules] before submitting a
te objectives] and [MovieRules|submission rules] before you submit a
evice (USB Gecko). [=MovieRules.html#ToolsThatManipulateRomOrRamEGGameGenieCodesAreNotAllowed|The site rules] strictly forbid the
a submission must [=/MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|beat all existing records]. Your movie miss
s, that follow the [MovieRules|submission rules]. For test movies, w
il) release, it is [=MovieRules.html#NtscVsPalUsaJapanVsEurope|acceptable] to play this game w
e rules. Running a [MovieRules#RegionSettingsMustBeCorrect|PAL game in NTSC mode is not allowed]. Therefore I am can
published per the [MovieRules|movie rules].
ot comply with the [MovieRules|submission rules] and has some other
versions which is [=MovieRules.html#MatchTheBiosRegionToTheGameSRegion|against the movie rules]. Rejecting.
site, a movie must [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|beat the game]. Single level movie
e rules, including [=/MovieRules.html#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|no skipping to the end with a password], [=/MovieRules.html
with a password], [=/MovieRules.html#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|cheats are not allowed], and [=MovieRules.h
not allowed], and [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|the movie must beat the game and not just a single level]. Rejecting. IDK,
rectly follows the [movie rules].
r:Noxxa]: Does not [=/MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|beat existing records] for [3430M|TAS] or
on must follow the [MovieRules|movie rules], including the rule
that a submission [=MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|must beat all existing records] of the same categor
e sure to read the [MovieRules|movie rules] and [Guidelines|gui
ot be accepted per [=MovieRules.html#UseAnOfficialEmulatorVersion|rules on using official emulator versions]. But more import
ago, the rules on [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|game completion (for endless games)] have been [=forum/t
are not allowed.'' [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|That rule is there right now as well]. And you're blatant
ion that meets our [Movie Rules] and [Guidelines], u
it should feature [=MovieRules.html#ModicumOfEffortIsRequired|actual gameplay improvements]. For the same reaso
ding times. The [=MovieRules.html#FullCompletionRules|criteria] for recognizing the
le points from the [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|movie rules on full completion]. "Some games reward
We have additional [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|rules] for movies made wit
ect this movie for [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeIntegral|breaking the rules] we all agreed on. I
% run's goals, and [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|surpass it in them], leading to obsolet
latantly losing to [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|existing records], and you're doing i
Moreover, we have [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|another rule] that says: ''"No sk
at follows all the [movie rules]__, create a [=userf
hich was clarified [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|here]. It was established
r new branches are [MovieRules#Moons_2|here]. This movie aims
s addressed by our [MovieRules#WeAllowPlayingUnlockableContentUsingInGamePasswords|Movie Rules]. They say that if o
time speedrunners, [MovieRules#MovieGoals|we don't allow] forgoing time-savin
te game option, so [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|by the rules], they can be played
d to TV framerate, [MovieRules#NtscVsPalUsaJapanVsEurope|it is allowed] to publish European
s a whole bunch of [movie rules] that are linked fro
ainly visited): * [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|A speed-oriented movie must beat all existing records]: Your run of that s
ord for Tails]. * [MovieRules#MovieSTechnicalQualityMustBeAcceptable|The movie's technical quality must be acceptable]: You seem to be usi
rd is so fast). * [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Cheats, debugging codes, and arcade continues are not allowed]: You use a cheat to
el Select menu. * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|The movie must be complete]: You only beat one
the staff finally [MovieRules#ExtractedGames|decided], that it's acceptab
e according to the [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|Movie Rules]. But there are quit
ere. The fact that [MovieRules#WeAllowPlayingUnlockableContentUsingInGamePasswords|we only allow unlockable content] in branches that ar
taining and get to [MovieRules#Moons_2|Moons]. The question is
cking them against [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|the rule that forbids skipping to the end with a password], I figured out that
on for this game's [MovieRules#Moons_2|side branch] in terms of rules,
on fastest time at [MovieRules|any legitimate cost], it should use all
encouraging us to [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeGood|rethink our rules]. The general staff
t according to the [Movie Rules#JVsU|rules], we will ignore suc
E] To quote the [MovieRules|Site Rules]: "When comparing
nly be accepted to [MovieRules#Vault|Vault] if it meets the cri
dered to represent [MovieRules#Vault_2|vaultable goals], and if they really
and if they really [MovieRules#MustBeClearlyDefinableAsAGameWhichHasAchievableGoals|stand out from unassisted play], they might be acce
ied exception from [MovieRules#NoTamperingWithTheFilesTheGameIsComposedOf|this rule]: ''"no renaming/cop
t be found/proven, [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeGood|TASvideos does allow] cracked versions of
multiple formats, [MovieRules#Commodore64|use the one that loads the fastest] (see below). ''For
given game image, [MovieRules#NtscVsPalUsaJapanVsEurope|TASvideos generally allows] submissions of C64
movie meets the __[movie rules]__ and the __[guidel
provide a link to [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|the verification movie]. **Not applicable
this post]. Since [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|we don't allow using debug codes], this movie has to
evise out rules on [MovieRules#MaximumPoints|Maximum points], so now this goal i
s run is not up to [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|our standard], and I personally f
ere as follows: [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|Obsoleting a published movie] ''When comparing
be accepted.'' [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|Use the correct version] ''The US ((U)) v
ional. Here's what [MovieRules#ClearConsensusIsRequiredOnWhatConstitutesFullCompletion|the rules say]: %%QUOTE * Full c
e thing in one go. [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword|We don't allow skipping ahead via passwords]. But we allow game
idered complete by [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|our rules for games without clear endings]. This submission
Does it follow the [MovieRules|Rules]?__ *The rules of t
s] page and in the [Movie Rules]. It is useful to
之前 # 确保您的录像符合 __[Movie Rules|录像规则(英文)]__ 与 __[Guidelines|指
movie file) 我们的 [Movie Rules|录像规则] 列出了所有允许的按键输入录像文件格式。
。) 假如提交失败,请细阅 __[Movie Rules|录像规则]__ 寻找答案。如果找不出,请在 [=f
exception from the [MovieRules|rules]. ---- [user:Trunc
that they meet our [=MovieRules.html#FullCompletionRules|full-completion rules]. In that regard, I
ptimality. We have [Movie Rules], and [Movie Rules#M
[Movie Rules], and [Movie Rules#MovieMustBeGood|there we say]: ''"Don't be lazy.
in Vault, we have [MovieRules#SportsGamesAreAllowedUnderRestrictions|restrictions for sports games]. The one directly a
e, which means the [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|existing record] hasn't even been ch
ing run, and can't [MovieRules#Vault_2|go to Vault] either, since it's
rejected. Read the [movie rules] for more details.
ary factor when we [MovieRules#Moons_2|judge movies] that are neither "f
ning to watch, see [MovieRules#Moons_2|Movie Rules]. Excluding TAS-only
lease don't submit [MovieRules|movies that are slower than existing records] on our site, otherw
Instructions] and [Movie Rules] before submitting f
ne important rule: [=MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|a speed-oriented movie must beat all existing records]. This rule is stric
ind of movies, the [MovieRules|Movie Rules] and [Vault] pages h
with this run. The [MovieRules#NoRandomizedOrUnverifiedCustomInitialRamState|movie rules] state that there ar
的录像的候选。 我们不发表违反 [Movie Rules|录像规则] 的录像。%%% 我们青睐遵从我们 [
e movie rule about [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|beating all existing records] explicitly says: ''
ly, the rule about [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|movies that should be complete] addresses this game
h. Please read our [MovieRules|rules] to see our reasons.
may be argued that [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|we don't even care] about non-gameplay
lly began allowing [MovieRules#ForgoingMajorSkipGlitch|runs that forego major skips] as a standard branc
r violation of our [MovieRules|rules]__. The emulator act
id these walls. [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|We do not accept TASes with many mistakes present in them.] I encourage that
upport, which is a [MovieRules#Moons_2|basic requirement] for extra branches
z-vous de lire les [Movie Rules|règles] avant de [Subs-List
perplay records of [MovieRules#Standard_2|standardized goals]. Game choice has so
either count as a [MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|different game version] or as a [MovieRules
e version] or as a [MovieRules#GamesWithAdditionalLevelSetsOrGames|separate game mode] compared to the ori
he definition of a [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|full completion] goal. ---- !!! Us
that start from an [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|in-game save file] are not eligible fo
environment Using [MovieRules#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|unintended PC environment] is not allowed for
endent game modes [MovieRules#GamesWithAdditionalLevelSetsOrGames|Independent game modes] are treated as sepa
Standard if it's a [MovieRules#WeAllowPlayingUnlockableContentUsingInGamePasswords|built-in hard mode]. * If the game has
score" movie must [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|complete the game]. Playing beyond the
ng directly to the [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|ending]. * It is not allowe
ise be possible. * [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|See above] for restrictions on
n mind though that [MovieRules#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|PC game environment must be legitimate]. If your modificati
late the CPU speed [MovieRules#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|intended for this game]. * If gameplay is n
VBA-specific rules [MovieRules#GameBoySeriesUseTheBestMode|earlier on this page]! !! Game Boy Adva
VBA-specific rules [MovieRules#GameBoySeriesUseTheBestMode|earlier on this page]! !! Gamecube & Wi
especificas de VBA [=MovieRules.html#GameboySeriesUseTheBestMode|más adelante en esta página]! ! Game Boy Advanc
específicas de VBA [=MovieRules.html#GameboySeriesUseTheBestMode|más adelante en esta página]! ! Nintendo DS * A
spécifiques à VBA [=MovieRules.html#GameboySeriesUseTheBestMode|plus haut] ! ! Game Boy Advan
spécifiques à VBA [=MovieRules.html#GameboySeriesUseTheBestMode|plus haut] ! ! Nintendo DS *
のもの)は受け付けていません。 ** [=MovieRules.html#GameboySeriesUseTheBestMode|前述]のVBA固有ルールをお読みください!
のもの)は受け付けていません。 ** [=MovieRules.html#GameboySeriesUseTheBestMode|前述]のVBA固有ルールをお読みください!
lay. Just like our [MovieRules#MovieMustBeTechnicallySound|Movie Rules] say, ''"Judges will
s, we have certain [MovieRules#Moons|Moons class requirements]. In addition to bei
f it is faster. [MovieRules#NoRandomizedOrUnverifiedCustomInitialRamState|Our rules currently allow default ram initialization states set by the emulator, defaults set by other emulators, and initialization states proven to occur.] Note that these emu
d from the current [MovieRules] page. Over time, th
more thorough: * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete] Since this game
о прочитайте также [Movie Rules|Правила для мувиков]. * Можете сделат
l be rejected. See [Movie Rules]. Search Internet
itting a movie ** [Movie Rules] ** [Guidelines] *
Nach]: We now have [=MovieRules.html|Rules] regarding BIOSes, a
ted rule so far__: [MovieRules#NoArbitraryFramerates] ** Examples: [=foru
omposed of%% Rule: [MovieRules#NoTamperingWithTheFilesTheGameIsComposedOf]%%% *Emphasis on __
rd related%% Rule: [MovieRules#NoSkippingToTheEndWithAPassword] Judge: [=forum/p/4
nitial RAM%% Rule: [MovieRules#NoRandomizedOrUnverifiedCustomInitialRamState] Platforms/games th
ary images%% Rule: [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeIntegral] Platforms and game
rary audio%% Rule: [MovieRules.html#DesmumeMovies] Platforms/games th
n of games%% Rule: [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeGood] Platforms/games no
conversion%% Rule: [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeGood]%%% Platforms that
c swapping%% Rule: [MovieRules#RomImageMustBeIntegral]%%% Games with mult
s%% Relevant rule: [MovieRules#GameMustBeReal] Platforms with ada
heat codes%% Rule: [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed] Some games have mi
trary BIOS%% Rule: [MovieRules#BiosMustBeReal] Platforms using BI
Relevant rule from [MovieRules#Playarounds]: ''Arbitrary code p
отклонен. Читайте [Movie Rules|правила для мувиков]. Исследуйте Ин
s. In that regard, [MovieRules#Standard_2|the movie rules for this flag] are the same as for
d, though limited. [MovieRules#Standard|Here are the rules imposed for games]. But even for games
s have to meet the [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|requirements we have for ROM hacks]. A good explanation
n rejeté. Voir les [Movie Rules|règles des TAS]. Cherchez sur in
, and a submission [=/MovieRules.html#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|must beat all existing records]. The fastest record
Please review the [MovieRules|movie rules] (particularly "The
e it's said in our [MovieRules#MovieMustBeTechnicallySound|Movie Rules]: > Your submission
OM hacks should be [MovieRules#Moons|acceptable to Moons] to be published, an
he rules regarding [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|completion criteria of endless games], unrejecting and re
with the file that [MovieRules#DesmumeMovies|includes the mic sample]. DeSmuME 0.9.9a is
clear to you that [=MovieRules#UseTheCorrectVersion|European versions of games], while accepted, ar
st-timer. However, [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|TASVideos submissions need to beat already existing records]. This submission's
his Movie Rule: * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|The movie must be good] ** [MovieRules#Spe
must be good] ** [MovieRules#SpeedOrientedMovieMustBeatAllExistingRecords|A speed-oriented movie must beat all existing records] This movie only
s rule as well: * [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|The movie must be complete] ** ''"Single-level
relevant rule: * [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|Non-official games (hacks, homebrews, etc...) and prototypes] ** ''"Non-official
unlikely to get to [MovieRules#Moons_2|Moons] if we look at the v
s hack in Vault is [MovieRules#UnofficialGamesAreAllowedUnderRestrictions|outright impossible]. Rejecting. _
viously breaks the [Movie Rules], you will lose subm
n to this rule: [MovieRules#MustBeClearlyDefinableAsAGameWhichHasAchievableGoals|Must be clearly definable as a game, which has achievable goals] * ''"The game-play
ed ROM? Sorry, the [MovieRules|rules] don't allow hacked
oduction page] and [=MovieRules.html#GamesMustBeReal|parts of the Movie Rules], our runs are inten
oms could count as [MovieRules#FullCompletionRules|full completion]. If nothing else is
else is possible, [MovieRules#MaximumPoints|maximum score] is an option. Th
ed run, it's still [MovieRules#MovieMustBeGood|rather sub-optimal], as shown by anothe
e doesn't count as [MovieRules#NoBoardGamesGameShowGamesOrPrimarilyEducationalGames|a board game being in Vault]. Accepting. [use
not allowed in our [MovieRules|Movie Rules]. However, for compa
ion in our policy, [MovieRules#PlayGamesThatAreEmulatedWell|Play Games That Are Emulated Well]. And indeed, bot
aultable rules for [MovieRules#MaximumPoints|max score]. ---- DrD2k9: Can
for this game was [MovieRules#SportsGamesAreAllowedUnderRestrictions|this rule]: %%QUOTE Sports
on. However, since [MovieRules#MaximumPoints|max score has been allowed for Vault] for some cases, and
e goal needs to be [=MovieRules.html#Moons_2|clear and objectively definible]. *The movie conten
he very top of our [Movie Rules]. We already have a
ed. As said in our [MovieRules#NtscVsPalUsaJapanVsEurope|game version rules], PAL versions are '
asswords, which is [=MovieRules.html#WeAllowPlayingUnlockableContentUsingInGamePasswords|allowed] in this case. Beati
accordance to our [=MovieRules.html#ClearConsensusIsRequiredOnWhatConstitutesFullCompletion|full-completion rules]. For these reasons,
e all new content. [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|The rules] have been updated t
ple agreed too. [MovieRules#SportsGamesAreAllowedUnderRestrictions|The movie rule in question] didn't cover the si
is TAS passes the '[MovieRules#GameMustBeAcceptable|triviality rule]'. I will present m
e RTA timing (more [=MovieRules.html#MovieMustBeComplete|here]) [user:Samsara]:
ching it, but with [MovieRules#GamesWithoutClearEnding|the recent clarifications to games without clear ending], this has been deem
ing. The easy mode [MovieRules#MovieMustBeComplete|doesn't look like a definitive game completion]. But more import
this run. A record [MovieRules#MovieSTechnicalQualityMustBeAcceptable|should not be trivial to beat] if we want it to ge
ut the Vault rules [MovieRules#NoBoardGamesGameShowGamesOrPrimarilyEducationalGames|ban board games]. [=forum/t/16364|He
ell as reading our [MovieRules|movie rules] so you can better u
ly has 729. The [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|rules on ROM hacks] require that hacks
:feos]: Movie with [MovieRules#PostCompletionInput|name entry] at the end, for enc
in why exactly. [MovieRules#MovieGoals|Movie Rules on Moons goals] say: %%QUOTE Goal
d. [user:feos]: [MovieRules#NonOfficialGamesHacksHomebrewsEtcAndPrototypes|Movie Rules on unofficial games] currently say: '
n Movie Rules that [MovieRules#ObsoletingAPublishedMovie|past mistakes don't justify repeating them]. So by the curre
option, we use the [MovieRules#Vault_2|50% cutoff], where 50% or more
game options.'' [MovieRules#Vault_2|Here's some background] behind that limit.
o work nicely as a [=MovieRules.html#FullCompletionRules|full-completion] definition, making
this problem, and [MovieRules#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|here's what] our updated Rules s
ring the different [=MovieRules|rule systems].%%% ((Another thin
tant pages such as [MovieRules].%%% This is one of
cause it fails the [MovieRules|rule] about being faster
SRAM'd movies (see [MovieRules|Rules]). (Even if it were
that you read the [MovieRules|rules] and the [guidelines
records. And the [MovieRules|Rules]: > A speed-oriente
You also failed at [MovieRules|Rules]: This movie is much
ich is not allowed [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|by the rules]. Arguably, such
e was removed from [Movie Rules], because it doesn't
n-game, the site's [MovieRules|movie rules] allow non-official
e about cheats: * [MovieRules#CheatsDebuggingCodesAndArcadeContinuesAreNotAllowed|Cheats, debugging codes, and arcade continues are not allowed]. If you submit a t
:feos]: There is a [MovieRules#NoCosmeticHacks|movie rule] about hacks/homebre
e at that. See the [MovieRules|Rules] for allowed hacks.
t! Please read the [=MovieRules|rules] and [guidelines] to
e sure to read the [MovieRules|Rules] before beginning a
anything else: * [MovieRules|Rules] * [Submission inst
n. Please read the [MovieRules|Rules] and the [Guidelines
, because it is an [MovieRules|unauthorized hack] at this site.
Please read the * [MovieRules|Rules] * [Guidelines] mo
you have read the [Movie Rules] and [Guidelines]. Y
s. Please read the [MovieRules#2|rules] to see our reasons.
n violation of the [=MovieRules.html|rules], specifically the s
the section about [MovieRules#UeTheCorrectVerion|using the correct version]. Runs should prefer
cases addressed by [MovieRules#PcGameEnvironmentMustBeLegitimate|this rule]. Example: * [38
musst außerdem die [Movie Rules|Filmregeln] lesen, bevor du pla
must also read the [Movie Rules] if you plan to subm
respèctent pas nos [Movie Rules|règles].%%% Nous préférons
TAS respecte les __[movie rules|règles]__ et les __[guideli
movie file) Nos [Movie Rules|règles] listent tous les fo
issez un lien vers [MovieRules#WeDoNotAllowSaveAnchoredMovies|le TAS de vérification]. ** Ne s'applique
place, lisez les __[movie rules|règles]__ et si cela ne rés
FormattingRules] *[MovieRules] ! Game informati
debes de leer las [Movie Rules|Reglas de películas] si planeas enviar t
s unapplicable for [=MovieRules.html#Vault_2|Vault] tier. The relative
The relative movie [=MovieRules.html#WeAllowPlayingUnlockableContentUsingInGamePasswords|rule] was soon clarified
irty SRAM; see the [MovieRules#MovieMustPlayTheGameFromTheBeginning|rules] for more details.
entemente aqui. * [Movie Rules|Regras dos movies]: corridas submetida
tilizziamo qui. * [Movie Rules|Regole per i filmati]: i filmati presenta
eller forumet. * [Movie Rules|Filmregler]: Inspelningar som l
Recent Changes] [Movie Rules] [Judge Guideline