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We use special emulators that support tools such as savestates and frame advance, and generate movie files from them. These movie files are nothing more than a recording of input. They do not contain images or video. All movie format specifications can be found here.
Disclaimer: The majority of rerecording emulators are third-party modifications of existing open-source emulators. In most cases, only these rerecording emulators can play and make TASes, and not the official emulator.
We do not by any means claim that using any of these emulators will guarantee "correct" results. There may be bugs in these emulators which have gone unnoticed due to lack of testing.
You should read DesyncHelpTAS before making any serious projects. All movies are highly dependent on timing and the slightest difference may cause a desync. We cannot help you if you lose work due to desync problems. You must also read the Movie Rules if you plan to submit your work to this site.
For a comprehensive list of supported platforms and their emulators, see the Platforms page.

Emulator overview

System Emulator Movie Format
Apple II BizHawk BK2
Arcade/Neo Geo MAME (in libTAS)LTM
Arcade/Neo Geo MAME-RR MAR
Arcade/Neo Geo FBA-RR FBM
Atari 2600/7800 BizHawk BK2
Atari Lynx BizHawk BK2
ColecoVision BizHawk BK2
ColecoVision openMSXOMR
Commodore 64 BizHawk BK2
DOOM demo (various) LMP
DOS PCem (in libTAS)LTM
Flash Ruffle (in libTAS)LTM
Game Boy Advance BizHawk BK2
Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy BizHawk BK2
Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy lsnes LSMV
IntelliVision BizHawk BK2
Linux libTAS[3]LTM
Mac OS libTAS[3]LTM
MSX BizHawk BK2
Neo Geo Pocket/Color BizHawk BK2
Nintendo BizHawk BK2
Nintendo FCEUXFM2/FM3
Nintendo 64 BizHawk BK2
Nintendo DS/DSi BizHawk BK2
Nintendo 3DS Citra CTM
Nintendo GameCube/Wii Dolphin (5.0+)[9] DTM
PC-98 Neko Project II (in libTAS)LTM
PCE/PCE-CD (TG-16)/SGX BizHawk BK2
PICO-8 Standalone executable for the game in libTASLTM
PlayStation BizHawk BK2
Sega 32X BizHawk BK2
Sega Genesis/Sega CD BizHawk BK2
Sega Master System/Sega Game Gear/SG-1000BizHawk BK2
Sega Saturn BizHawk[7] BK2
SpectraVideo SVI 3x8 openMSX OMR
Super Nintendo/Super Game Boy BizHawk BK2
Super Nintendo/Super Game Boy lsnes LSMV
Uzebox BizHawk BK2
Virtual Boy BizHawk BK2
WonderSwan/WonderSwan Color BizHawk BK2
General Computer Vectrex BizHawk BK2
ZX Spectrum BizHawk BK2
Odyssey 2 BizHawk BK2
System Emulator Movie Format
Game Boy Advance Visual Boy Advance VBM
Nintendo 64 Mupen64-rr M64
Nintendo DS DeSmuME DSM
PC-98 Neko Project II (in Hourglass)WTF
Sega Genesis/Sega CD/Sega 32X Gens GMV
Windows Hourglass[3]WTF
System Emulator Movie Format
Nintendo FamtasiaFMV
Nintendo FCE Ultra FCM
Nintendo VirtuaNES VMV
PlayStation PCSX PXM
PlayStation PSXjin PJM
Sega Master System/Sega Game GearDega (altered versions)MMV
Sega Saturn Yabause YMV
Super Nintendo ZSNES ZMV
Super Nintendo Snes9x SMV
Game Boy/Game Boy Color/Super Game BoyVisual Boy Advance VBM
PCE/PCE-CD (TG-16)/SGX PcejinMC2
Virtual Boy VBjinMC2
(Multi)[1] Mednafen-rrMC2
See also: Other Emulators.

Supported Operating Systems

Tell us if one of the entries is wrong or if you can resolve one of the "Unknown" ones to a "Yes" or "No". If in doubt, just test it yourself.
Emulator WindowsLinux Mac OS X
BizHawkYesYes (with Mono)[4]Yes (1.x; with Mono)[8]
CitraYesYes Yes
Dega (altered versions)YesYes Unknown
DeSmuMEYesYes (with Wine)[6]Unknown[6]
DolphinYesYes Yes
DSDA-DoomYesYes Yes
FCE UltraYesUnknown Unknown
FinalBurnAlphaYesYes (with Wine) Unknown
GensYesYes (with Wine)[5]Unknown
Hourglass[3]YesNo No
libTAS[3]Yes (with WSL2)Yes No
lsnesYesYes Yes
Mednafen-rrYesYes Unknown
Mupen64-rrYesYes (with Wine) Unknown
openMSXYesYes Yes
PcejinYesUnknown Unknown
PCSXYesUnknown Unknown
PSXjinYesUnknown Unknown
Snes9xYesYes Yes
VisualBoyAdvanceYesYes (with Wine) Unknown
VBjinYesUnknown Unknown
YabauseYesUnknown Unknown


Using Emulators


Accuracy tests

[1]: Mednafen-rr supports all flavors of TurboGrafx/PC-Engine, including CD-ROM, as well as Atari Lynx, Neo Geo Pocket/Color, and WonderSwan/Color. It also supports PC-FX, but only for the Linux version.
[2] The older .gz extension is no longer supported.
[3] Technically speaking, Hourglass and libTAS are not emulators. They are API translation layers between the game and the operating system.
[4] Most features and cores work, notable omissions being Mupen64Plus (N64) and Octoshock (PSX). See BizHawk issue #1430 for details.
[5] AVI capture may be dysfunctional.
[6] Some tools may not work or look garbled (e.g. Memory viewer) and various (minor or major) bugs may occur. There are native versions, but those don't seem to have rerecording. Alternatively, a Windows virtual machine may be used (though it runs rather slow).
[7] Sega Saturn movies in BizHawk must use 2.0 or a higher version of the emulator. Older versions are not accepted.
[9] Dolphin versions prior to 4.0-3595 are deprecated and will not be accepted in the future.


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